Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 12th

Again, sorry this didn't go up last night

- getting all of my clean laundry put away, my bedroom looks so much less cluttered now!

- Trying a new recipe for Book Club, phyllo wrapped baked mozzarella sticks....unfortunately, they had nowhere near the structural integrity I was hoping for, the cheese melted out of the phyllo and it become a gooey mess, but they tasted really good, and people seemed to enjoy them, so that's good :)

- Book Club Book Club Book Club!!!! I love our Story Book Club, it's so wonderful to discuss literature with awesome, intelligent, yet hilarious and laidback friends :) And OMG we FEAST!!!

Lynn :)


  1. Man I have to join a book club. It sounds like so much fun! No one else around me reads the same books I do, or read for that matter. Kind of depressing!

    Belly B :)

  2. Oh no! How many sheets of phyllo did you use? When I did them we used two sheets stacked on each other and cut and rolled them around the sticks. All but a few of those leaked cheese, too, but I thought it was just my amateur wrapping job. I probably should have posted a warning on the blog... sorry about that!

    What was this month's theme?