Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple Pleasures, September 3rd

- going to the Farmer's Market with Mama. Buying peaches, corn, cinnamon rolls, fresh bread, chocolate milk from Pittsford Dairy (*swoon!*) sunflowers, and other such goodies :)

- Combined Engagement Party/Grandparent's 62nd Wedding Anniversary (wowza!) Party/Grandfather's BirthdayParty goin' down at the Barbato House today :)

-(picking this up Sunday morning because I was too tired to finish it last night) Awesome party yesterday :)

- I know some people would probably be pissed about this, but I honestly found it hilarious. We ordered a cake for the party yesterday from a local bakery, their donuts are OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS, but we had never ordered a cake from them, so, in the name of possible wedding cake research, we gave it a shot. I went to pick it up, gave it a cursory glance in the bakery, paid, and walked out to my car. However, as I was leaving, something was tickling my brain about the cake, so I opened up the box again. The writing (which was supposed to read simply *Congratulations Lynn and Michael*) was sloppy and slapdash, and crooked across the cake. *Congratulations* was spelled incorrectly, and was off-center and it was written in big, loopy letters on the left side of the cake and in tiny cramped letters on the right side, and whoever had iced the cake had run out of room for the "S", so, the cake read "Congralulation". KNowing that we didn't have time to have it fixed or order a replacement, I just brought it home. It tasted fine, but as we were cutting into it, we realized that part of the cake had crumbled, and they had mushed it back together and covered it with frosting!!! Again, rather than being pissed, we let it go, had a good laugh about it, and chalked it up to experience :)

- Received several lovely Engagement gifts, one of the most touching was my paternal grandmother giving me the garter she wore on her wedding day, 62 years ago (yesterday 9/3) to be one of my something's old, and one of my something's blue. I was so incredibly touched. We both cried, it was a beautiful moment :)

- Several of the other ladies who are participating in this challenge had really bad days yesterday, I'm so sorry to hear it and I'm thinking about you all :) There's a geeky, frizzy haired, big nosed Italian girl who thinks you all are the coolest thing ever, I love the pants off all of you :)


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  1. LOL! i have to disagree with both "geeky" and "frizzy-haired" as I would define you as "intellectually-stunning" "with luxurious, envy-inducing locks" but I love the comedy of your self-appraisal. =P

    The story of your grandma's garter is SO sweet. I love that your family has such a rich marital history and respect for the institution.

    And the cake? LOL! Sounds like something that belongs on Cake Wrecks. (