Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 5th

- Sleeping in on a Monday ( and finding it ironic/interesting that since I returned to working full time, I now consider 8:30 am to be *sleeping in*)

-making perfectly cooked fried eggs and toast for breakfast for Mikey and I :) (I have discovered the secret!!! You turn the flame up high to warm the pan, but as soon as the eggs hit the pan, you turn the heat down low so they cook evenly :)

- My first attempt at making and canning Peach Butter was a success!!! It took longer than I thought to reach the correct consistency, and it yielded a smaller quantity than I was planning on, so I'll have to make more next week, but the flavor was PERFECT! There will be a food blog post about this very soon, as well as a post for the fresh corn salad I made a few days ago for the Engagement/Anniversary/Birthday Party

- Going out to our favorite sit-down Chinese Restaurant  with siblings, parents and grandparents, followed by Apple Pie and ice cream at grandparent's house.

- Going through the totes of stuff I have stored at my grandparent's house with Mikey and realizing that someday soon we will have a home of our own :)

Love Ya'll,

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