Thursday, November 4, 2010

Putting the Nanny Pants On :)

Hey All,
Just a quickie for today, as I'm heading out tomorrow for a very dear friend's wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid (yay!). I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell when I get back. This was my first week at the YMCA daycare center. I am a Float/Teacher Assistant, so I basically go to the classrooms where they need me, and could therefore be with any age group from infancy to age four. However, pretty much every day so far I spend my mornings with the Toddlers ( ages 18-36 months) and the majority of my afternoon with the three year-olds,  with possibly some time spent in the infant rooms at the end of the day. I have to say, while completely exhausting, I really do enjoy it so far. Here are some of my impressions after my first week back in a child-caretaker role.

-Every skill I picked up as a Nanny came back to me almost immediately

- Never, ever assume that just because a child isn't verbal themselves, that that means they don't understand you.

- Everything in a room being at child height is basically a guarantee for lower back pain

- A child running up to you for a hug is like the Sun coming out from behind the clouds, it will bring a smile to your face every time, no matter what.

- Celebrate the small victories. I wish there was the same level of enthusiasm for the seemingly small achievements in adult's lives as there are for children. I mean, granted, I don't necessarily need or want praise for using the bathroom or coloring in the lines or drinking out of a cup with no sippy top. But, that being said, praise for *small* things is not something that should be ignored once you're an adult. It always feels good.

- My hands are virtually always going to be dry and chapped because I am constantly washing my hands.

- Children don't need elaborate toys.

- A snack and an afternoon nap shouldn't just be for kids, most adults would benefit from them immensely also.

- Sometimes you just need to be held.

- I am sooooo glad I have no conscious memory of diaper rash....*shudder*

- The forbidden will always be fascinating

- Food taste better when you eat it with your hands

-I have real envy of the ability of young children to sleep through virtually anything.

- Bonding with children can happen extremely quickly. I've been with these children for four days, and already they have each claimed a place in my heart. Whenever the time comes for me to leave this job, I will be genuinely sad and will miss each and every one of them.

I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say on this subject....stay tuned :)