Friday, December 31, 2010

Sally Forth :)

   I have a few more goals to post for the New Year, but first, I wanted to post something a little more personal :

   I rarely have totally good years or totally bad years, most years are a mix of both. And 2010 was no exception. Plenty of  good and bad, laughter and tears, despair and rejoicing, joy and sorrow, and all those other Yin/Yangs.

 What was different about 2010 was that this felt like the year of my personal rebirth. 2010 was my Phoenix Year. This was the year of second chances that I thought would never come. I am Happy Lynn again. What was dormant has awoken. Even people who barely know me have seen the change. I am alive again :)

God, Angels, Fate, Faeries, Spirits, Luck, Karma, whatever you want to be called, from the bottom of my heart, I Thank You.

I cannot wait for the year to come:) 2011, let the adventure begin :)

Cheers, My Loves :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Goals # 2 and #3


These next two goals are reasonably brief and self-explanatory, so I'll put them both in the same post:

2011 Goal #2: Write in each of my blogs at least once a week. As I've said before, I really do love blogging, and I miss it when I don't have the time to do it. What I need to do is discipline myself to MAKE time for it. My Food Blog is somewhat more labor intensive because of taking and uploading photos and suchlike, but I really will try to post in both of my blogs a minimum of once a week :)

2011 Goal #3: Lose 30lbs or two pants sizes and at least 6% body fat. This is probably the oldest goal in the history of goal-setting, but here it is. I have struggled with my weight off and on since college, gained and lost the same 20lbs for years. Stress weight, emotional eating, too busy to eat right and exercise, blah blah blah, I've said it before, you've heard it before, you've probably said it before yourself. But no more, I'm done. I don't eat all that badly, I just have a hard time sticking to an exercise routine and I have very little willpower or portion control when it comes to food. I know that if I am willing to make a real, consistent effort, I will have the body I want. Finally, at long last, I am ready to make that effort. I have the ability to achieve my goals. 30lbs in 12 months is 2.5lbs per month, which is a totally manageable amount. I mean, I'd like to move faster than that, but even if I expend just the barest consistent effort, I'm sure I can lose 2.5 lbs per month. I am going to start taking Zumba classes, and I have a free membership to the YMCA Fitness Center that I'm going to start using, and that's where I'll start. Not sure about an eating plan, I'll get to that in more detail after New Years, but for now, I think having all the holidays cookies, candy and other goodies out of the house and not tempting me will be a good place to start :)

Love to All :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Goal #1: Building Up My Savings

Hello All :)

   As I said yesterday, I have several goals for 2011 ( otherwise known as New Year's Resolutions, but for some reason this terminology seems to make people prickly, and apparently NYR's tend be broken, so I'm going to refer to them as *goals*). I am posting them here for accountability's sake. Declaring a goal publicly will inspire much more diligence in me than just telling myself to do it. And so, we begin :)

  2011 Goal #1: Building Up My Savings

  Since moving home in August of 2009 after the completion of my Master's Degree, a series of unfortunate events kept me from putting virtually any money into my savings account, which was, in essence, the whole point of my moving home, to save money for the next chapter of my life. The economy tanked, making it infuriatingly difficult for me to find a well paying job in my degree field (Theatre/Arts for Children), or any job at all, at least at first. I was unemployed for two months, denied State Unemployment, lost my Health Insurance and went without it until a few months ago when I was approved for Medicaid. I have a wonderful job as an Actor and Teaching Artist for the Syracuse Shakespeare Festival, and I am halfway through my second season with them, and while we are paid, it is not, sadly, enough to make a living ( I'm sure everyone reading this who is even remotely creative or artistic and attempts to make their living this way is nodding and smiling knowingly). I was forced to take a number of side jobs. I worked in a bookstore, I worked in a restaurant, barely making enough to keep my bills paid, living paycheck to paycheck, always one car repair bill, medical bill or unexpected expense away from whatever meager savings I had managed to accumulate being wiped out, and being put in real danger of a serious financial issue.

   But this is an old song, everyone knows it, and I know that virtually everyone around me is in the same boat, or has been in this boat at some point or points in their lives. The point is, after all this time, things appear to be changing :) I have finally found a day job that pays decently well. I am a Teacher Assistant at a YMCA run daycare/preschool. The money is not great, but good enough to keep my bills paid with a little bit left over for savings or (gasp!) a dinner out or some other small treat :) After approximately 16 months of having $7 in my savings account, a few weeks back I put my first $50 into the account :) And, tomorrow, I will deposit another $50. Bringing the grand total to $107. Not much, surely, but it is most definitely a start:)

And now, for a clear goal, with guidelines:

 -THIS MONEY IS FOR MY MOVE DOWN TO THE NEW YORK CITY AREA!!! (which will happen by the end of 2011, but that's another goal). Funds may only be diverted from my Savings Account for the following reasons:
                       -Emergency Car Repair
                       -Unexpected Medical Bills
                       -Unexpected Travel (if I know the trip is coming, I must save for it out of the money in my checking account)

- I am a card-carrying member of Garbaholic's Anonymous. The only place that I ever really drop large amounts of money is at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. For the Faire Season, I may remove up to 1/3rd of the money in my savings account (i.e. if I have amassed $1000, I may remove up to $333), but it must last me the whole season, and I must begin replacing it immediately. Any further expenses for the Season must be budgeted out of my Checking Account.

- I must deposit some money into my savings account out of every paycheck I receive. The amount may vary depending on other bills and expenses, but I must do it every paycheck. The point is to get into the habit of putting money aside.

- If I receive extra money (Repertory Company Bookings, Extra Work, Odd Jobs, Tax Returns, Birthday Money, etc) I must deposit half of it into my savings account.

There! That seems reasonably manageable and clear-cut :) And now it's out in the open, so don't let me let it slide!!!

Hold me to it, friends :)


Monday, December 27, 2010

I Have Returned :)

Greetings All!!!

     As you must have noticed, I have been mostly absent from the blogging world these past 7 or 8 weeks.  As is the common malady, I became so busy with other aspects of my life, blogging just fell to the wayside. I was in my friend Stephanie's wedding ( a marathon, but a lovely and truly enjoyable one), and then I was off to the races with rehearsals for three different plays. I had the honor of portraying the Virgin Mary in *The Butterfinger's Angel* for Appleseed Productions (for those unfamiliar, *Butterfinger's Angel* is a comic (though not disrespectful) retelling of the Nativity Story). I was also in rehearsals for *Midsummer* and *Julius Caesar* for Avon Repertory Company. Our 2010 shows completed, we start the next round in January. I am also teaching a Shakespeare Workshop next week at Cayuga Community College :) So between all the events listed here, plus the holidays and other family commitments, I have been busy literally every single day. I have had exactly two days off in the past two months. I am beyond exhausted. But I am pleased with all the work I've done while I've been away from you:)

      *The Butterfinger's Angel* went very well, a wonderful cast, director, and crew, good reviews and receptive, appreciative audiences. I really do want to write more about the experience, but I really am too tired to do it justice tonight., rest assured I'll wax poetic about as soon as I have the energy to do so. The first round of ART shows also went very well, and I'm looking forward to the January workshops and performances.
    My holidays were lovely. Busy, but full of good food, family and festivity, and for that I am very grateful. This was my first Christmas with my wonderful boyfriend, Michael, and sharing these holidays with him was wonderful :) My family and friends have all welcomed him in, and that means the world to me :) The next show I am possibly auditioning for won't be until the end of January, so these next few weeks will give me a much needed break. Time to refocus and restore a little balance, and devote more time to other things I enjoy.

   Like blogging, for instance. I really do enjoy it, and I really have missed it, and I plan to make it one of my New Year's Resolutions to write in each of my blogs a minimum of once a week, starting in 2011. I have several other 2011 goals, and also a list I've been working on of 30 Things I want to accomplish by my 30th Birthday, but look for that in a later blog.

   I hope you're all still out there and I haven't lost you :) There are many more ramblings to come, stay tuned:)

Love to All :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Putting the Nanny Pants On :)

Hey All,
Just a quickie for today, as I'm heading out tomorrow for a very dear friend's wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid (yay!). I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell when I get back. This was my first week at the YMCA daycare center. I am a Float/Teacher Assistant, so I basically go to the classrooms where they need me, and could therefore be with any age group from infancy to age four. However, pretty much every day so far I spend my mornings with the Toddlers ( ages 18-36 months) and the majority of my afternoon with the three year-olds,  with possibly some time spent in the infant rooms at the end of the day. I have to say, while completely exhausting, I really do enjoy it so far. Here are some of my impressions after my first week back in a child-caretaker role.

-Every skill I picked up as a Nanny came back to me almost immediately

- Never, ever assume that just because a child isn't verbal themselves, that that means they don't understand you.

- Everything in a room being at child height is basically a guarantee for lower back pain

- A child running up to you for a hug is like the Sun coming out from behind the clouds, it will bring a smile to your face every time, no matter what.

- Celebrate the small victories. I wish there was the same level of enthusiasm for the seemingly small achievements in adult's lives as there are for children. I mean, granted, I don't necessarily need or want praise for using the bathroom or coloring in the lines or drinking out of a cup with no sippy top. But, that being said, praise for *small* things is not something that should be ignored once you're an adult. It always feels good.

- My hands are virtually always going to be dry and chapped because I am constantly washing my hands.

- Children don't need elaborate toys.

- A snack and an afternoon nap shouldn't just be for kids, most adults would benefit from them immensely also.

- Sometimes you just need to be held.

- I am sooooo glad I have no conscious memory of diaper rash....*shudder*

- The forbidden will always be fascinating

- Food taste better when you eat it with your hands

-I have real envy of the ability of young children to sleep through virtually anything.

- Bonding with children can happen extremely quickly. I've been with these children for four days, and already they have each claimed a place in my heart. Whenever the time comes for me to leave this job, I will be genuinely sad and will miss each and every one of them.

I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say on this subject....stay tuned :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bottoms Up :)

    Do you ever have those moments when you catch yourself doing something that is totally routine to you, and then suddenly realize how odd it might look to the casual observer? I'm sure everyone has moments like these. I caught myself in one such moment today:

     I drink Apple Cider Vinegar for it's approximately 11 billion health benefits. Seriously, it's good for everything, from blood pressure to sore throats to making your hair shiny, no joke. I literally do not have time to list all the reasons ACV is good for you. Google "apple cider vinegar health benefits* and see how many hits you get. But I digress.

  Sometimes I will dissolve a few tablespoons of ACV in a large water bottle and sip it throughout the day, but more often I will mix about one tablespoon of ACV with a small amount of water and drink it essentially straight. As you might have guessed, the best implement for doing this is a cordial glass or shot glass. Most people do shots of liquor or cordial, I do shots of Apple Cider Vinegar with Water Chasers, and I do this for my health...........

My. Life. Is. Weird.

Anyone else care to weigh in about daily routines that make perfect sense to you but might look goofy on the outside?


Saturday, October 16, 2010

That I Freakin' LOVE men in Suits!

     Ladies and Gents, can we pause a moment and bask in the awesomeness that is men who like to wear suits?
I miss the days when men dressed up on a regular basis, when being a sharp dresser, good dancer, and other such refinements were the mark of a true gentleman. I"m not saying that these things don't happen now , but it is not the societal norm that is was when, say, our grandparents were young. Today my wonderful boyfriend and I went shopping for a suit for him to wear to our friend's wedding in a few weeks. Very dark gray with a subtle pinstripe, red dress shirt, black silk tie, YOWZA!!! Finding a boy who, in his own words, "loves the feel of a good suit", made me all warm and fuzzy inside. So, boys, listen up: YOU CLEAN UP SO NICE, DO IT MORE OFTEN!!! And to the ones that already do, you have my sincere admiration and appreciation:)

That's all, you can go back to whatever you were doing :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Things I Love in 10 Minutes

     I stole this idea from my lovely friend Nubby Tongue, who is currently living her dreams in California. Visit her here at :) She is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration :) A short while ago I saw one of these lists on her blog, and I thought to myself, why not? These lists are fun, and will go much more quickly than a long, "about me" type post for anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog and doesn't already know me. For the sake of brevity (because Lord knows I could go on and on and ON), I'll try to keep this list to "things" or "activities", and will leave out people and ideals/intangibles such as "being in love" or "peace on earth",though I certainly love both of those, but that 's another type of list. Also, to keep me from over thinking it too much, I'm only going to give myself ten minutes. So, then, in the order that they occur to me, here are 10 Things that Lynn Loves:


1. Massages: Never underestimate the healing power of touch :)

2. Chocolate: Do I even need to explain this one? I savor good chocolate like some people savor Wine :)

3. Acting: My first love, my passion, and my solace :)

4. Water: Ocean, Lake, River, Stream, sight, sound, smell, immersion, I am a total water-baby, always have been, always will be :)

5. Hot Baths: I know this is sort of linked to #4, but I did say the first ten things that occurred to me, so here it is. When it comes to unwinding, nothing beats a hot bath, double points for hot tub or Jacuzzi tub :)

6. Sitting by the Fire: Bonfire, fireplace, wood-burning stove, doesn't matter, LOVE!

7. Cooking: It combines creativity and tangible expressions of love :)

8. Ethnic Food: made by people of that nationality, i.e. a Greek restaurant run by Greeks, etc.

9.  Comfy Clothes: Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up, but comfy clothes are just awesome :)

10. Music that touches you: Makes you want to dance, sing out loud, cry, laugh, move you to action, whatever, anything that wakes you up on the inside:)

So, there's that :) That was fun, I'll have to do another one of those ten minute lists sometime :) Anyone else care to weigh in? Ten Things you love? Let me know!


That maybe it was time to start another blog?

    Actually, I've been thinking this for awhile. To be honest, I created this blog last year, and wrote nary a word for many months, I think it was because I was never quite sure how to start it. But this seems to be a good moment. The pages have turned and we have arrived at a new chapter :) The smile on my face is absolutely genuine:) And with this positive "new adventure" energy, I begin a new blog :)

   Don't worry, I have no intention of abandoning The Kitchen is My Canvas (my original food blog) I admit I haven't had time to write in it for months, but I certainly plan to continue, hopefully there will be a new post this weekend. Actually, I'm trying to get in the habit of updating all of my blogs at least once a week, it's on a list of things I want to accomplish, but that's another story.

   So, why am I doing this? Because I think and I feel and I have a lot to say on many subjects. Think of this blog as a written record of the types of ramblings, rants, heart to hearts and tangential musings that would come about if I could just sit and talk with my loved ones every day and let them know what was on my mind. We are a far-flung lot, and one of the things I truly miss the most are the long talks. So, if my opinion is of any interest to you, or if you're mildly curious about what goes through my brain, here I am, peruse at your leisure :)

With Love,