Monday, December 27, 2010

I Have Returned :)

Greetings All!!!

     As you must have noticed, I have been mostly absent from the blogging world these past 7 or 8 weeks.  As is the common malady, I became so busy with other aspects of my life, blogging just fell to the wayside. I was in my friend Stephanie's wedding ( a marathon, but a lovely and truly enjoyable one), and then I was off to the races with rehearsals for three different plays. I had the honor of portraying the Virgin Mary in *The Butterfinger's Angel* for Appleseed Productions (for those unfamiliar, *Butterfinger's Angel* is a comic (though not disrespectful) retelling of the Nativity Story). I was also in rehearsals for *Midsummer* and *Julius Caesar* for Avon Repertory Company. Our 2010 shows completed, we start the next round in January. I am also teaching a Shakespeare Workshop next week at Cayuga Community College :) So between all the events listed here, plus the holidays and other family commitments, I have been busy literally every single day. I have had exactly two days off in the past two months. I am beyond exhausted. But I am pleased with all the work I've done while I've been away from you:)

      *The Butterfinger's Angel* went very well, a wonderful cast, director, and crew, good reviews and receptive, appreciative audiences. I really do want to write more about the experience, but I really am too tired to do it justice tonight., rest assured I'll wax poetic about as soon as I have the energy to do so. The first round of ART shows also went very well, and I'm looking forward to the January workshops and performances.
    My holidays were lovely. Busy, but full of good food, family and festivity, and for that I am very grateful. This was my first Christmas with my wonderful boyfriend, Michael, and sharing these holidays with him was wonderful :) My family and friends have all welcomed him in, and that means the world to me :) The next show I am possibly auditioning for won't be until the end of January, so these next few weeks will give me a much needed break. Time to refocus and restore a little balance, and devote more time to other things I enjoy.

   Like blogging, for instance. I really do enjoy it, and I really have missed it, and I plan to make it one of my New Year's Resolutions to write in each of my blogs a minimum of once a week, starting in 2011. I have several other 2011 goals, and also a list I've been working on of 30 Things I want to accomplish by my 30th Birthday, but look for that in a later blog.

   I hope you're all still out there and I haven't lost you :) There are many more ramblings to come, stay tuned:)

Love to All :)

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