Friday, September 30, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 30th

Wow, this month flew by.....first I wanted to thank Nubby who dreamed up this challenge and inspired me to join in :)

- Getting a damn respectable amount of work done at my job today

- midday snuggles from Mikey on my lunch break

- hot soup and crusty bread for dinner

- getting ALL of my laundry put away

-another off-book rehearsal for Othello that we got through without any major catastrophes :)

- looking forward to lots of great stuff this weekend :)

I am so glad I did this challenge. Some days were easier than others, but it was always worth it. There is good in every day, even the shite ones, if you have the courage to look for it. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life :) I wish I could come up with more eloquent thoughts on the topic as a wrap up, but allow me to direct you to my dear friend Merlyn's blog, who stuck with me all of this month too. Her reflections are put much more beautifully than I could ever hope to do, revel in them, as I have :)

I think I am drawn to these 30 Day Challenges because I fear that if I were to just write about what comes into my head, no one would want to read it. Having an outline or subject or challenge to write on takes some of the pressure off. Maybe my next writing challenge for myself will be no challenge at all, to merely write as I am moved to write and see what happens, I'll give it my best shot :) Thanks for listening!

With Love,

Simple Pleasures: September 29th

- sort of/almost/maybe getting the hang of a new task I have at work

- flipping through cookbooks with Steph on our lunch break thinking about recipes she could make for Book Club on Monday

- looking at some wedding gowns online :)

- getting through our first off-book rehearsal for Othello with no major catastrophes

- leaving my bedroom window open and feeling the cool autumn night air :)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 28th

- having a handful of Hershey's Kisses and then having the fortitude to walk away and not have more. That could almost be construed as portion control :)

- getting to have lunch with Mikey today :)

- a good long text chat with one of my girls :)

- A wee bit of retail therapy :) There's a pair of boots of I've had my eye on for AGES, but all the shoe websites I've seen them on seem to always be out of my size. I've been squirreling money away for weeks for them, and then, today, FINALLY, I found a website that carried them in my size!!! Mikey offered to go in halfsies with me on them as an early birthday present :) I nabbed them up and they'll be here next week! Huzzah! It has been literally years since I had a good pair of all-purpose knee-high boots, I can't WAIT until they get here!


Simple Pleasures: September 27th

- the fact that the people in my office actually take the time to say good morning and good night to each other

- getting good news about about a friend who had surgery

- going to the library and reading on a rainy evening before rehearsal

- a very productive night of fight choreography for Othello

- seeing my sweet Michael on the 11 o'clock news becasue he helped our friend Heather grant a Wish at a Pirate-themed Make A Wish Party for a little boy who is a cancer survivor :)

- a cozy bedtime shower


Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Pleasure: September 26th

- I forgot my glasses today, and Mikey drove all the way back home to get them for me (we're still sharing my car as the paperwork gets finished on his new one) and he brought me an iced chai :) I love this man :)

- A GORGEOUS day, I bought a sandwich and took it down to a grassy patch by the river and laid down under a tree, I closed my eyes and listened to the wind in the leaves and the river and the faraway sound of traffic and blissed out.....FANTABULOUS :)

- something happend to me today that has basically never happened to me at any of my *day jobs*. Last week I took over a task that used to belong to someone else. The person that was training me to do this task got pulled into another project and didn't get to finish training me. I tried to wing it on my own and was doing fairly well, but I was running into more and more things I didn't understand. I mentioned this to my supervisors, saying that I was feeling a little overwhelmed and confused and I was going to need more training in order to do the task efficiently. And, THEY LISTENED. They were sympathetic and supportive and made arrangements for my training on this task to conitnue. It's been literally years since that has happend at one of my day jobs. My request wasn't ignored, I wasn't made to feel bad or stupid or like I was being a pain. They listened to what I had to say and they made arrangments to help me. I was floored by the good way :)

- Had my engagement ring re-sized to fit my finger more snugly, so now I don't have to panic that it will accidentally fall off while I'm washing my hands or something :)

- dinner on the screened-in porch at Steph and Mike's house on what will probably be one of the last warm nights of the season :)


Simple Pleasures: September 25th

- lovely long bruch with Jen, a new and dear friend that we met this summer in the 'Shire :)

- seeing a hug flock of geese grazing in the field in front of a middle school near my house

- after a solid week of complete wheat avoidance, I allowed my self a few small servings of wheat over the weekend, and I am happy and relieved to report that they caused me absolutely no discomfort or GI distress whatsoever. I'm not about to go on a full-on binge or anything, but it seems that a moderate amount of wheat doesn't affect me, so either the sesitivity is mild, or I've misinterpreted the sensitivity. I'll play with levels and see how it goes :)

- lovely family dinner for my grandparent's 46th Wedding Anniversary!

- a gorgeous warm day, I enjoyed it very much because it'll probably be one of our last...

- The Buffalo Bills beat the New Enlgand Patriots!!!

- listening to my family debate politics, discussion of that type I try to stay out of, but they're amusing to watch :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 24th

- A damp but lovely early morning at the Farmer's Market

- I scored a Coach Bag today for $13.00!!! (Thanks to the extreme generosity of my wonderful Michael, he got me a Coach gift card for our anniversary and I've been hanging onto it for months!)

- Lovely sushi lunch

- went to see NATC's *A Few Good Men* and enjoyed it very much :)


Simple Pleasures: September 23rd

- had a phone conversation at work today with a woman from Alabama who had an absolutely adorable deep Southern accent, an absolutely pleasure to listen to :)

- had a salad for dinner with DELICIOUS Cherry-Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing

- My first hot chai tea latte of the Autumn

- another awesome Othello rehearsal :)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 22nd

- One year from today I will marry my sweet Michael :) I cannot wait to be his wife :)

- Accidentally poured 2% milk on my cereal this morning instead of skim. WOW, it was so CREAMY and actually had FLAVOR. I've been drinking skim milk for so long, I've sort of forgotten that 1%, 2% and whole milk actually have flavor, they taste like, well, MILK. YUM.

- Flipping through the autumn Pottery Barn Catalog with Steph on our lunch break.

-Awesome sushi dinner Steph and Mike (and my Mike) at Club Sushi at Mohegan Manor in B'ville :) I had salad, a California Roll, an Alaskan Roll, and Creme Brulee, indulgent and delcious and not a speck of wheat in it!!!

- Surviving my first real wheat temptation. REALLY wanted a piece of the homemade garlic pizza Staph made for lunch, but worked through it and stayed strong.

- Slowly but surely getting off-book for Othello, scene by scene :)

Simple Pleasures: September 21st

- three days into my wheat-free experiment and, while not exactly convenient, I can honestly say I have had no cravings, have had no GI angst and have lost almost 2lbs :)

- realzing that there is no wheat in ice cream (at least, in the ice cream that was in my freezer) and treating myself to a bowl of it :)

- watching episodes of Ghost Adventures that Mikey and I DVR'd months ago and didn't get around to watching until last night.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 20th

I'm sorry these have all been going up the next morning,, but I'm usually away from my computer in the evenings...

- Mikey and I are sharing my car this week until he gets his new one, so he drove me to work this morning, it was nice to be able to sit back and relax through my morning commute :)

- Helping Stephanie pull possible Othello costumes from the BTG Costume Collection :)

- sitting down to watch a t.v. show with my father, who I haven't seen in days because we work oppoiste schedules :)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 19th

- being able to wear real clothes again. A lot of the other days jobs I've had since finishing school involved a uniform of one kind or another or a dress code. Which, while convenient, can be really annoying and stifling. I love being able to dress with intent and feeling pretty :)

- In an attempt to isolate and possible food sensitivity, I am attempting to be wheat free (not necessarily strictly gluten free) for at least a few weeks and hopefully a full 30 days. Yesterday was my first non-wheat day and I am pleased to report that I did not feel starved or deprived or tempted in the presence of wheat. Dinner was a little bit of challenge, I had to resort to leftover baked chicken and leftover corn, but I still managed to feed myself :)


Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 17th and 18th

- absolutely FANTASTIC Engagement Party in Rochester with many of our wonderful friends :) We FEASTED on antipasto, bruschetta, pesto with homemade bread, honeyed figs and canteloupe, pasta, homemade sauce, meatballs and garlic bread, and then continued with Red Velvet Cake, Champagne and cocktails and vanilla biscotti. Then we built a bonfire and made s'mores and set off fireworks and ran around in the dark with sparklers!!! IT. WAS. EPIC. Michael and I continue to be deeply touched by the love in ourlives, we are very blessed :)

- Driving to brunch Sunday morning and seeing two gorgeous swans by the side of the road :)

- White Chocolatr Macadamia Nut pancakes at Brunch, it was like eating a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie from Sterling in Pancake form! *NOM!*

- Helping Mikey with a school project :)

- some gorgeous Autumn weather :)


Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 16th

- a gorgeous Autumn day, I got to wear one my favorite sweaters, and peach cashmere cardigan :)

- found a Tom Waits cover of the song *Goodnight Irene* on YouTube, it just about broke my heart, it was so gorgeously, gut-wrenchingly sad. So, the simple pleasure in that is finding a song that would move me so deeply.

- Tonight at rehearsal I got to stretch my performer muscles, and under the guidance of our wonderful directors and equally wonderful fight choreographer, I was able to to move members of our production staff to tears when we worked on Desdemona's death scene. Every once in awhile I am granted a moment of perfect character bonding, Desdemona and I were the same person tonight and that felt so fucking good I can't even put it into words. There may be a slight possibility that I'm something akin to talented ;) I am so fucking excited about this show!!!

- seeing my breath tonight when we got out of rehearsal  :)


Simple Pleasures: September 15th

- My first day giving myself sublingual allergy drops without the supervision of a Doctor/Nurse. I'm glad to report that I didn't screw it up and did not go into anaphylactic shock :)

- A few weeks back my wonderful soon-to-be Sister in Law Alicia gave me several lovely scarves that all came from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other locales in the Middle-East. They soft and sily and warm and GORGEOUS :) This morning was the first time that it was actually chilly enough to wear one, and you can bet I'm sporting one right now :) I feel all pretty-like :)

- I know I post this a lot, but I'm so pleased with how rehearsalsfor Othello are going. We took a few publicity photos last night and they look great!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Sepetember 14th

- went to a Doctor's appointment this morning and my blood pressure was 116/68!!!! Wahoooo!!!!

-FINALLY getting around to joining Pandora and creating some radio stations :)

- making up a new recipe :) Quinoa with lamb, roasted almonds, feta cheese and pan sauteed apples and butternut squash :) The flavors are presently melding and mellowing in the fridge, I'll test it again tomorrow and if it's a success I'll do a food blog post about it :)

- New Cook Book to savor :)

- Gorgeous weather around these parts today :)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 13th

- beginning research for our Book for next month's Book Club, The Legend  of Sleepy Hollow :)

- another great Othello rehearsal :)

- I really shouldn't have done it, but I had pizza and a chocolate milkshake for dinner, they were DELICIOUS :)

- a refreshing evening rain :)


Simple Pleasures: September 12th

Again, sorry this didn't go up last night

- getting all of my clean laundry put away, my bedroom looks so much less cluttered now!

- Trying a new recipe for Book Club, phyllo wrapped baked mozzarella sticks....unfortunately, they had nowhere near the structural integrity I was hoping for, the cheese melted out of the phyllo and it become a gooey mess, but they tasted really good, and people seemed to enjoy them, so that's good :)

- Book Club Book Club Book Club!!!! I love our Story Book Club, it's so wonderful to discuss literature with awesome, intelligent, yet hilarious and laidback friends :) And OMG we FEAST!!!

Lynn :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 11th

- I can't exactly call this is a "pleasure", but I attended a 9/11 Memorial Service this morning at Fire Station #1 in Cicero, and while incredibly, incredibly difficult and emotionally draining, it was very cathartic and I'm exceedingly glad I went.I really don't know if I can accurately talk about it, at some later date I'll will do my best. For now let me just say that that day left marks on everyone, and my heart goes out to everyone who was touched in any way by the events of 9/11, either in the immediate or in the removed sense...

- Theresa came to visit me today!!!

- Making peach butter and apple squares with Theresa and lots of help from Mikey :)

- homemade sauce for dinner :)

- eating dinner outside

- having a fiance' that fixes things and does laundry :)

Lynn :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 10th

- A chilly but sun-filled early autumn morning at the Farmer's Market :)

- an impromptu but successful Buttermilk Scones recipe :)

- Lovely housewarming party at my soon-to-be Brother and Sister-in-Law's gorgeous new house!

- Baby snuggles from my niece :)

- Watching Ghost Adventures with Mikey :)


Simple Pleasures: September 9th

 Again, sorry this didn't go up last night, it was too late when I got home..

- had a rough ride into work this morning. A lot of the local radio stations are doing 9/11 tributes, complete with sounds clips and parts of news broadcats from that day, and I was completely not prepared for that. I started to cry and shake in my car and was completely rattled by the time I got to work. The memoires of that day are still so fresh....however, that's not the pleasures part. The simple pleasures part was that when I got to work, I had a friend to talk to about it when I got there, and just the knowledge that she understood how I felt ( even more keenly than I, as she lived in NYC during the attacks) made me feel better, I am so thankful to have a friend I can talk to :)

- Sunshine :)

- another awesome Othello rehearsal :)


Friday, September 9, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 8th

Sorry this didn't go up last  night, I got home too late, here ya go :)

- My first cider and donut of the autumn :)

- stolen moments of reading a favorite book :)

- an AWESOME Othello rehearsal :)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 7th

- a cozy sweater on a a chilly, rainy morning

- a day job with flex time that enables me to come in, work for a few hours, leave for a few hours for a doctor's appointment, and then come back and work for a few more hours and not need to use any sick time or vacation time

- sitting through a full spectrum allergy skin test, receiving 60 shots (30 in each arm) and not being the least bit frightened or jumpy. After all the blood work I've had done these last few years, needles have ceased to upset me. This is one childhood fear that I have knocked out cold, and damn it, that feels pretty fecking good :)

Lynn :)

The Story of *Stuff*

Greetings, Mates :)
       Sometimes, the story your stuff tells about you is more truthful and more entertaining than any story that you could make up. Does anyone else remember that t.v. show  from the late 90’s/early 2000’s, I think it was on MTV, where a person was given access to the bedrooms of three people of the opposite gender, and decided which one of them to go on a date with based on what their bedrooms looked like?  Every once in a while, I’ll look at my belongings and wonder what sort of conclusions people would draw about me if they didn’t know me, but had access to my stuff, my books, my clothes, my mementos, etc.

                 Or, perhaps, instead of the contents of my bedroom, how about the contents of my car? For your entertainment, may I submit to you the list of things that I pulled out of my car when I cleaned it out last week, just a few days shy of Labor Day weekend ? The last time I cleaned out my car in this fashion was shortly before my family left for Lake George in early July. So, basically, what I pulled out of my car is the accumulated *Life Shrapnel* of Summer 2011 from roughly the 4th of July to Labor Day. The extent of what I pulled out of my car was so eclectic and it amused me so much that I wrote it all down, took pictures of it, and turned it into a blog post. Mind you, there is a perfectly logical explanation for each and every item, but it’s much funnier if I provide no explanation and just give you the list and let you decide :) Enjoy!

Contents of my Car at Summer's End, 2011

-          Novel *The Historian* by Elizabeth Kostova

-          One Blue Umbrella with curved wooden handle

-          One wooden sword

-          One black camisole

-          Three posters for *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One handwritten “TO DO” List from the 1st week of August

-          Takeout menu from Dorian’s Pizza on Westcott Street

-          Printout  of Sonnet #18 by William Shakespeare

-          Printout of the lyrics to *Garner’s Gay*, an English Madrigal

-          Teacher Binder for  Summer K.I.D.S. Shakespeare Camp 2011

-          Book *Haunted Britain and Ireland*

-          6 handbill-sized posters for *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One Bon Appetit Magazine

-          One Black Syracuse Shakespeare Festival T-shirt

-          three men’s black athletic socks

-          two men’s white athletic socks

-          Innumerable receipts

-          Dunkin Donuts bag with the phone number of a wedding planner scribbled on the back

-          One black belt

-          Novel *Vittorio the Vampire* by Anne Rice

-          One black bra

-          One pair of pink and brown crocs

-          One pair of brown Mary-Jane shoes

-          One reversible, fully boned corset, brown corduroy on one side, cream-striped damask on the other

-          One gold-colored underskirt

-          One green Celtic style dress with blue-lined sleeves

-          One pair of jeans

-          One Syracuse Shakespeare Festival canvas bag

-          One floor-length red wool cloak with hood

-          Makeup bag

-          One decorative candle in glass votive holder

-          One small trophy shaped like a cowboy boot

-          One recipe for Roasted Peach Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

-          Scotch Tape

-          One program from *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One script from *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One script for *Othello*

-          One large woven straw basket

-          One pewter mug

-          Blue sleeve ribbons that attach to aforementioned green/blue dress

-          Two pairs of hair sticks

-          One blue queen-sized flat bed sheet

-          One woven straw fan

-          One carved wooden wand with holster and shoulder strap

-          Lots of napkins

-          Sunblock

-          Small plastic bags

-          One leather belt strap

-          Broken beaded chain belt

-          One jeweled headband

-          Four maps/guides to the Sterling Renaissance Festival

-          Brochure for Somewhere Beyond Coin Mint

-          Chapstick

-          One tooled leather belt

-          One recipe for Garlic and Cheese Crostini

-          One pink and brown floor-length floral skirt

-          One *Every Day with Rachael Ray* Magazine

-          Two travel cases of c.d.’s

I think that pretty much speaks for itself :)

Love Ya'll,
Lynn :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 6th

- hearing some honking geese as they flew over my building today

- Stephanie making me gnocchi for lunch at her house :)

- finding out that Twinings makes a naturally decaffeinated version of Irish Breakfast Tea :) (NOM)


Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 5th

- Sleeping in on a Monday ( and finding it ironic/interesting that since I returned to working full time, I now consider 8:30 am to be *sleeping in*)

-making perfectly cooked fried eggs and toast for breakfast for Mikey and I :) (I have discovered the secret!!! You turn the flame up high to warm the pan, but as soon as the eggs hit the pan, you turn the heat down low so they cook evenly :)

- My first attempt at making and canning Peach Butter was a success!!! It took longer than I thought to reach the correct consistency, and it yielded a smaller quantity than I was planning on, so I'll have to make more next week, but the flavor was PERFECT! There will be a food blog post about this very soon, as well as a post for the fresh corn salad I made a few days ago for the Engagement/Anniversary/Birthday Party

- Going out to our favorite sit-down Chinese Restaurant  with siblings, parents and grandparents, followed by Apple Pie and ice cream at grandparent's house.

- Going through the totes of stuff I have stored at my grandparent's house with Mikey and realizing that someday soon we will have a home of our own :)

Love Ya'll,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 4th

- Had homemade chocolate pudding for breakfast (along with a peach and zucchini bread, but the pudding was the important part:)

- Had homemade zucchini parmesan for lunch (along with more chocolate pudding :)

- went for a lovely swim in the pool on this ridiculously muggy day :)

- got to watch *Titanic* today. I've always loved it and I haven't seen it in ages. That movie is so beautiful, breathtakingly filmed, amazing costumes, music, color saturation, cinematography, it's touching and heartbreaking....I get so incredibly wrapped up in it, it's one of those films that totally removes me from my immediate surroundings and completely pulls me into its world....

Love Ya'll,

Simple Pleasures, September 3rd

- going to the Farmer's Market with Mama. Buying peaches, corn, cinnamon rolls, fresh bread, chocolate milk from Pittsford Dairy (*swoon!*) sunflowers, and other such goodies :)

- Combined Engagement Party/Grandparent's 62nd Wedding Anniversary (wowza!) Party/Grandfather's BirthdayParty goin' down at the Barbato House today :)

-(picking this up Sunday morning because I was too tired to finish it last night) Awesome party yesterday :)

- I know some people would probably be pissed about this, but I honestly found it hilarious. We ordered a cake for the party yesterday from a local bakery, their donuts are OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS, but we had never ordered a cake from them, so, in the name of possible wedding cake research, we gave it a shot. I went to pick it up, gave it a cursory glance in the bakery, paid, and walked out to my car. However, as I was leaving, something was tickling my brain about the cake, so I opened up the box again. The writing (which was supposed to read simply *Congratulations Lynn and Michael*) was sloppy and slapdash, and crooked across the cake. *Congratulations* was spelled incorrectly, and was off-center and it was written in big, loopy letters on the left side of the cake and in tiny cramped letters on the right side, and whoever had iced the cake had run out of room for the "S", so, the cake read "Congralulation". KNowing that we didn't have time to have it fixed or order a replacement, I just brought it home. It tasted fine, but as we were cutting into it, we realized that part of the cake had crumbled, and they had mushed it back together and covered it with frosting!!! Again, rather than being pissed, we let it go, had a good laugh about it, and chalked it up to experience :)

- Received several lovely Engagement gifts, one of the most touching was my paternal grandmother giving me the garter she wore on her wedding day, 62 years ago (yesterday 9/3) to be one of my something's old, and one of my something's blue. I was so incredibly touched. We both cried, it was a beautiful moment :)

- Several of the other ladies who are participating in this challenge had really bad days yesterday, I'm so sorry to hear it and I'm thinking about you all :) There's a geeky, frizzy haired, big nosed Italian girl who thinks you all are the coolest thing ever, I love the pants off all of you :)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

September's Simple Pleasures: September 2nd

- had to come into work early today, but I got to see the sunrise, and I wasn't anywhere near tired as I thought I would be.

- Work is so deliciously quiet and peaceful in the early morning :)

- Tonight we're going to look at the other finalist for location for our wedding reception next year, I'm excited to go back and I'll be glad when we've made a decision and the other more fun and creative parts of planning our wedding can start :)

- finding out that one of the Bloggers I follow loves Anne of Green Gables as much as I do, and learning a recipe for raspberry cordial from said blog :) Can't wait to try it out :)

-sitting down at the River Walk in B'ville on my lunch break :)



Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Adventure Continues!!!

Hello My Darlings!

     I've missed you all so much!!!  Blogging during the summer months is always a challenge, and this Summer was no different. After returning from Lake George in early July (which was around the time of my last post) we had a small family emergency (everything is fine now, Thank God), I taught a week-long Summer Shakespeare Camp for The Syracuse Shakespeare Festival, was in rehearsals and performance for The Two Gentleman of Verona, auditioned for, was cast in, and began rehearsals for Othello, was spending pretty much every weekend I could at The Sterling Renaissance Festival, started a new full-time job, and was otherwise out and about enjoying the gorgeous summer in every way I could while it lasts :) However, the most notable event of the Summer occurred on July 24th, when a new page was turned and the seeds were planted for our next great adventure :)


I created a website for the Proposal photos via Shutterfly, feel free to peruse and enjoy them here :)
     Michael proposed to me in the glen behind the Glass-Blowing booth at Sterling, in the same area where we had our first kiss and where we first said "I Love You". The weather was perfect, our Minstrel friends Merlyn and Harry (aka Merry Mischief) were there and played several songs for us (thank you so much!) Our parents, his brother and sister-in-law and their infant daughter (our niece!), and several of our friends from both the 'Shire and the outside world were there to witness it, and it was absolutely perfect :) It was wonderful to share that moment with some of our loved ones and yet the intimacy of the monet was not lost :) I must admit, I had suspected that Michael would propose to me at Sterling, but the exact when and where were a mystery. Of course, in the moment I was so overwhelmed and happy that even if I had known about it all along, it would have all been wiped away and I would still have been surprised :) I found out later that virtually everyone at Sterling and most of our family and friends were in on the surprise, some had known for months beforehand, and I'm astounded and touched that that many people were to keep the secret for that long :)

The outpouring of love that Michael and I have received these last few weeks has been beyond words. We love you all so very much and we thank you a million times over for everything!!! I am the happeist and the luckiest girl in the wide world and we cannot wait to be married!!!

Sterling has ended (*sniff!*) Two Gents has closed and Summer is winding down. And while I am never happy to see Summer go, I eagerly greet the transition into Autumn, which has palates and joys all it's own :) I'm so happy to be blogging again!  As a matter of fact, I'm starting another 30 Day Blogging Challenge, at the suggestion of my wonderful friend, Nubby :) In her words, it's "an exercise in time management and appreciating the little things", and reinforcing the fact that even if I have a crappy day (had several of those, lately, but I'm learning to rise above), I am in charge of whether or not the day is a total loss, I can make a bad day better, and I CAN appreciate the little things in life, because, in the end, they matter the most:) If you're a blogger type person and you want to join in, by all means, join us :)

 Simple Pleasures of Today:
-After weeks of being insanely busy, and countless infuriating technological roadblocks, I was finally able to post our Proposal photos and get back to my blog :)

- I had Cinnamon Raisin Toast from the Oswego Tea Company for lunch today :)

- I got a good news e-mail that I had been waiting for

- I have rehearsal tonight for Othello :)

-  There is a full-size refrigerator in the break room where I work, which means I can keep healthy breakfast food and healthy snacks here :)
I'm so glad to be back, see you tomorrow :)