Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 28th

- having a handful of Hershey's Kisses and then having the fortitude to walk away and not have more. That could almost be construed as portion control :)

- getting to have lunch with Mikey today :)

- a good long text chat with one of my girls :)

- A wee bit of retail therapy :) There's a pair of boots of I've had my eye on for AGES, but all the shoe websites I've seen them on seem to always be out of my size. I've been squirreling money away for weeks for them, and then, today, FINALLY, I found a website that carried them in my size!!! Mikey offered to go in halfsies with me on them as an early birthday present :) I nabbed them up and they'll be here next week! Huzzah! It has been literally years since I had a good pair of all-purpose knee-high boots, I can't WAIT until they get here!


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