Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 22nd

- One year from today I will marry my sweet Michael :) I cannot wait to be his wife :)

- Accidentally poured 2% milk on my cereal this morning instead of skim. WOW, it was so CREAMY and actually had FLAVOR. I've been drinking skim milk for so long, I've sort of forgotten that 1%, 2% and whole milk actually have flavor, they taste like, well, MILK. YUM.

- Flipping through the autumn Pottery Barn Catalog with Steph on our lunch break.

-Awesome sushi dinner Steph and Mike (and my Mike) at Club Sushi at Mohegan Manor in B'ville :) I had salad, a California Roll, an Alaskan Roll, and Creme Brulee, indulgent and delcious and not a speck of wheat in it!!!

- Surviving my first real wheat temptation. REALLY wanted a piece of the homemade garlic pizza Staph made for lunch, but worked through it and stayed strong.

- Slowly but surely getting off-book for Othello, scene by scene :)

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