Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Story of *Stuff*

Greetings, Mates :)
       Sometimes, the story your stuff tells about you is more truthful and more entertaining than any story that you could make up. Does anyone else remember that t.v. show  from the late 90’s/early 2000’s, I think it was on MTV, where a person was given access to the bedrooms of three people of the opposite gender, and decided which one of them to go on a date with based on what their bedrooms looked like?  Every once in a while, I’ll look at my belongings and wonder what sort of conclusions people would draw about me if they didn’t know me, but had access to my stuff, my books, my clothes, my mementos, etc.

                 Or, perhaps, instead of the contents of my bedroom, how about the contents of my car? For your entertainment, may I submit to you the list of things that I pulled out of my car when I cleaned it out last week, just a few days shy of Labor Day weekend ? The last time I cleaned out my car in this fashion was shortly before my family left for Lake George in early July. So, basically, what I pulled out of my car is the accumulated *Life Shrapnel* of Summer 2011 from roughly the 4th of July to Labor Day. The extent of what I pulled out of my car was so eclectic and it amused me so much that I wrote it all down, took pictures of it, and turned it into a blog post. Mind you, there is a perfectly logical explanation for each and every item, but it’s much funnier if I provide no explanation and just give you the list and let you decide :) Enjoy!

Contents of my Car at Summer's End, 2011

-          Novel *The Historian* by Elizabeth Kostova

-          One Blue Umbrella with curved wooden handle

-          One wooden sword

-          One black camisole

-          Three posters for *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One handwritten “TO DO” List from the 1st week of August

-          Takeout menu from Dorian’s Pizza on Westcott Street

-          Printout  of Sonnet #18 by William Shakespeare

-          Printout of the lyrics to *Garner’s Gay*, an English Madrigal

-          Teacher Binder for  Summer K.I.D.S. Shakespeare Camp 2011

-          Book *Haunted Britain and Ireland*

-          6 handbill-sized posters for *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One Bon Appetit Magazine

-          One Black Syracuse Shakespeare Festival T-shirt

-          three men’s black athletic socks

-          two men’s white athletic socks

-          Innumerable receipts

-          Dunkin Donuts bag with the phone number of a wedding planner scribbled on the back

-          One black belt

-          Novel *Vittorio the Vampire* by Anne Rice

-          One black bra

-          One pair of pink and brown crocs

-          One pair of brown Mary-Jane shoes

-          One reversible, fully boned corset, brown corduroy on one side, cream-striped damask on the other

-          One gold-colored underskirt

-          One green Celtic style dress with blue-lined sleeves

-          One pair of jeans

-          One Syracuse Shakespeare Festival canvas bag

-          One floor-length red wool cloak with hood

-          Makeup bag

-          One decorative candle in glass votive holder

-          One small trophy shaped like a cowboy boot

-          One recipe for Roasted Peach Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

-          Scotch Tape

-          One program from *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One script from *The Two Gentleman of Verona*

-          One script for *Othello*

-          One large woven straw basket

-          One pewter mug

-          Blue sleeve ribbons that attach to aforementioned green/blue dress

-          Two pairs of hair sticks

-          One blue queen-sized flat bed sheet

-          One woven straw fan

-          One carved wooden wand with holster and shoulder strap

-          Lots of napkins

-          Sunblock

-          Small plastic bags

-          One leather belt strap

-          Broken beaded chain belt

-          One jeweled headband

-          Four maps/guides to the Sterling Renaissance Festival

-          Brochure for Somewhere Beyond Coin Mint

-          Chapstick

-          One tooled leather belt

-          One recipe for Garlic and Cheese Crostini

-          One pink and brown floor-length floral skirt

-          One *Every Day with Rachael Ray* Magazine

-          Two travel cases of c.d.’s

I think that pretty much speaks for itself :)

Love Ya'll,
Lynn :)

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