Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple Pleasures: September 15th

- My first day giving myself sublingual allergy drops without the supervision of a Doctor/Nurse. I'm glad to report that I didn't screw it up and did not go into anaphylactic shock :)

- A few weeks back my wonderful soon-to-be Sister in Law Alicia gave me several lovely scarves that all came from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other locales in the Middle-East. They soft and sily and warm and GORGEOUS :) This morning was the first time that it was actually chilly enough to wear one, and you can bet I'm sporting one right now :) I feel all pretty-like :)

- I know I post this a lot, but I'm so pleased with how rehearsalsfor Othello are going. We took a few publicity photos last night and they look great!


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