Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Things I Love in 10 Minutes

     I stole this idea from my lovely friend Nubby Tongue, who is currently living her dreams in California. Visit her here at :) She is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration :) A short while ago I saw one of these lists on her blog, and I thought to myself, why not? These lists are fun, and will go much more quickly than a long, "about me" type post for anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog and doesn't already know me. For the sake of brevity (because Lord knows I could go on and on and ON), I'll try to keep this list to "things" or "activities", and will leave out people and ideals/intangibles such as "being in love" or "peace on earth",though I certainly love both of those, but that 's another type of list. Also, to keep me from over thinking it too much, I'm only going to give myself ten minutes. So, then, in the order that they occur to me, here are 10 Things that Lynn Loves:


1. Massages: Never underestimate the healing power of touch :)

2. Chocolate: Do I even need to explain this one? I savor good chocolate like some people savor Wine :)

3. Acting: My first love, my passion, and my solace :)

4. Water: Ocean, Lake, River, Stream, sight, sound, smell, immersion, I am a total water-baby, always have been, always will be :)

5. Hot Baths: I know this is sort of linked to #4, but I did say the first ten things that occurred to me, so here it is. When it comes to unwinding, nothing beats a hot bath, double points for hot tub or Jacuzzi tub :)

6. Sitting by the Fire: Bonfire, fireplace, wood-burning stove, doesn't matter, LOVE!

7. Cooking: It combines creativity and tangible expressions of love :)

8. Ethnic Food: made by people of that nationality, i.e. a Greek restaurant run by Greeks, etc.

9.  Comfy Clothes: Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up, but comfy clothes are just awesome :)

10. Music that touches you: Makes you want to dance, sing out loud, cry, laugh, move you to action, whatever, anything that wakes you up on the inside:)

So, there's that :) That was fun, I'll have to do another one of those ten minute lists sometime :) Anyone else care to weigh in? Ten Things you love? Let me know!



  1. I totally agree about #6. Is there anything better than a sweater that still smells like last weeks campfire? I almost feel like I can smell it right now!

    And #8? You NEED to come out here! There's almost a surplus of good ethnic food. Last week we ate at a painfully delicious Indian place. The week before we had amazing Thai...twice! A few days ago we had killer tacos with chorizo and chicken that was so tender it may as well have been butter. The hardest part about living here might be trying not to go out every night!

    Also, *HUGS!*

  2. NOM!!! I would LOVE to come out there:) Actually, you inspired me to make a list of my own:) I'm working on a list of 30 things I want to accomplish by my 30th birthday, and the first thing I thought of was "Go to California to visit Nubby and Pookie' :) *hugs*

  3. Wheeee!!! =D
    We're ready when you are!