Saturday, October 16, 2010

That I Freakin' LOVE men in Suits!

     Ladies and Gents, can we pause a moment and bask in the awesomeness that is men who like to wear suits?
I miss the days when men dressed up on a regular basis, when being a sharp dresser, good dancer, and other such refinements were the mark of a true gentleman. I"m not saying that these things don't happen now , but it is not the societal norm that is was when, say, our grandparents were young. Today my wonderful boyfriend and I went shopping for a suit for him to wear to our friend's wedding in a few weeks. Very dark gray with a subtle pinstripe, red dress shirt, black silk tie, YOWZA!!! Finding a boy who, in his own words, "loves the feel of a good suit", made me all warm and fuzzy inside. So, boys, listen up: YOU CLEAN UP SO NICE, DO IT MORE OFTEN!!! And to the ones that already do, you have my sincere admiration and appreciation:)

That's all, you can go back to whatever you were doing :)



  1. So Lynn, if you like guys in suits, do you like the TV show How I Met Your Mother? Neil Patrick Harris cleans up very nicely!
    I agree guys do look good in suits but doing so too much takes the specialness away from it (in my opinion). But I digress. :)

  2. Eye candy!

  3. Oh, I definitely agree, I wouldn't want men to dress up every day, because it would make it less special, but, every once in awhile is AWESOME :)

  4. Oh, I TOTALLY agree with you here. We've had many conversations about it. I probably wouldn't want them to dress up every day either, but I do wish more men would wear clothes (pants especially) that fit closer to their body. Whereas women tend to pour themselves into clothing two sizes too small, men to wear things too baggy. Not only does it make them look larger than they are, it's much more difficult to oogle them. ^_^