Friday, June 3, 2011

The Bodice Diet Day 1

Fellow Garbaholics, Sterling is only 5 weeks away (can't wait!!!) In an effort to whip myself into shape for the hill-climbing and corset wearing, I have accepted Merlyn's Challenge :) Go check out the particulars over at Merlyn's Musings. (If you don't know Merlyn, or don't know what Sterling is, YOU SHOULD :) In short, for every day, we post what we ate/ drank, exercise, a creative accomplishment and a blood pressure reading (if you have access to a blood pressure cuff or machine).

Here we go!!!

Breakfast: MuMu Muesli with Skim Milk
Lunch: One slice Italian bread, turkey meatloaf and a small bowl of cherries
Dinner: went to Taste of Syracuse, so I had lots of small bites. One small square of baklava, one made-to-order California Roll, one boneless buffalo wing, one gyro, one order of grape leaves and tzatziki, and one small dish of gelato. Nothing deep fried, no alcohol. I've also had lots of water today, had two bottles of water while we were walking of around the festival.

Exercise: Walked all the way around Taste of Syracuse, twice.

Creatvitiy: Wrote a letter to a friend

I have to locate my blood pressure monitor, so I will start posting on that as soon as I find it.

Not a bad start, looking forward to tomorrow!!!

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  1. Oh wow, I forgot all about Taste of Syracuse! Sounds like it was fun. Last year I had an iced cheesecake 'Zonie from Zonies. Mmmmmmm!!!! Def not diet friendly, though. =P