Monday, June 20, 2011

The Bodice Challenge: Day 18

Blood Pressure:  118/77

Breakfast: Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex and skim milk

Lunch: Greek Salad with grilled chicken, one piece of french bread and iced tea with lemon, no sugar.

Afternoon Snack: Ice Cream Soda (Mikey had a really lousy morning, and ice cream makes everything better)

Dinner: almond-rice crackers with homemade yogurt cheese and blueberries. Mikey and I split the last piece of strawberry pie from yesterday.In my defense, there was half an ice cream cake in my freezer from yesterday and I didn't even touch it. I chose to have a small piece of the pie that we made, since I know exactly what went into it and had control over the quality of ingredients :)

Exercise: 47 minute walk with Mikey :)

Creativity: Bought material to make a new garb skirt :)

Victory of the Day: Went to Target to buy a few shirts, I fit into a size small :) Wheee!!!!


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  1. Victory, wahoo!

    I think it's supercute that you and Mikey go for walks everyday. So. SWEET!