Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Bodice Challenge: Day 13

    I'm sorry about the delay in this post going up. Yesterday went from tranquil to incredibly stressful and hectic. Michael's grandfather is in the hospital. He had pneumonia a few weeks back, he was hospitalized, seemed to have recovered, and was released, only to have the pneumonia flare up again, this time worse than before and he had to be readmitted. He seemed to be improving earlier this week, he was awake and coherent and eating, but he took a bad turn Tuesday night and it has been downhill ever since. He is, for all intents and purposes, unconscious. Both of his lungs are filling with fluid, he is in renal failure and has developed some congestive heart issues. He is 94 years old and the doctors do not expect him to recover. At this point there is really nothing to be done. All they can do is make him comfortable and wait for the inevitable. The family has been coming to visit him and say what will most likely be their goodbyes. Obviously, this is a very difficult emotional time for Michael's family. All thoughts and prayers for Michael's grandfather and family would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

  Breakfast: Oatmeal with skim milk, blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup and green tea :)

Exercise: Lovely morning walk on a gorgeous day :) Walked for 45 minutes and was barely tired when I got back!!! This is a huge improvement over two weeks ago when I started the Challenge, when, depending on the temperature, I was getting tired after 20-30 minutes of walking.  Yay for progress!!!

Lunch: Another serving of that slapdash vegetable soup I made last week (tomato puree, veggie broth, white onion, carrot, cannelini beans and herbs with some evoo, white wine, and cider vingar) I sprinkled a little Parmesan over the top, crumbled in two small slices of soft Italian bread to improve the texture, and ate a medium sized bowl of it with the last half of the Za'tar pita from my market trip last week. Yes, the two slices of  bread crumbled into the soup were probably not necessary, but they made the soup taste better and gave it a better texture, which means I'll be more likely to eat it and reap the benefits of all the veggie goodness therein, gotta pick your battles....

Dinner: We stopped for a late bite on the way back from the hospital, the only place we passed was a Wendy's. I had the Berry Almond Chicken Salad and I only used half the dressing. We split some french fries. They were selling candy bars there for a local fundraiser, so we split a small dark chocolate bar.

Creatvity: I'm not sure if this counts, but yesterday I dropped off the garage sale leftovers at our local Humane Association for a sale they'll be having soon as a fundraiser, and while there I went in played with all the kitties :) Very therapeutic :)

I did not get a chance to take my blood pressure. I forgot to do it in the morning and was going to take it in the afternoon, but didn't get a chance to as we spent the evening in the hospital. I will keep you updated on what's going on with all that.



  1. In a 1000 years, no one will care that you put two slices of bread into your soup. But the memory of you in a corset will live on the hearts of children. Don't beat yourself up over the small stuff when it's very apparent you have all the big stuff VERY under control :)

  2. I don't know you Allison, but I totally love you for that comment. Huzzah!

    So sorry about Michael's Grandpa. I'll be praying for strength for the family and for you and Michael. ***hugs!***