Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Bodice Challenge: Day 10

Breakfast: Cinnamon Chex with Skim Milk

Lunch: small bowl of 1% Whipped Cottage Cheese, English muffin with natural peanut butter

Dinner: Took some of our profits from the garage sale and went out for dinner. Went to Danzers, the best German restaurant in the 'Cuse, in my humble opinion :) I had one and a half potato pancakes with a little applesauce and sour cream, an open-faced grilled reuben sandwich, and a hot fudge sundae. Indulgent? Yes, but I've been very good this week and we busted our asses all day for the last three days to get this garage sale up and running and packing up all the leftovers and hauling them to the Rescue Mission when it was over. So, I feel I earned a treat :) It was absolutely delicious and I'm ready to start my efforts afresh tomorrow morning :)

Exercise: 20 minute brisk walk around the neighborhood with Mikey :)

Creativity: Pulled out an old book of crossword puzzles that I forgot I had while we were manning the garage sale this afternoon and got through three puzzles!!! Yay brain exercise!!!

I apologize, I didn't get a chance to check my blood pressure this morning either, I was too busy. I'll get right back to that tomorrow morning :)

This has been a very hectic weekend, but we got a lot done, and made a decent chunk of money in the garage sale, so it was worth it :) Two Gents rehearsal tomorrow, whee!!!



  1. Tomorrow you check your BP when you have your cereal! :) Hugs!

  2. DANZERS! Ohmigosh I miss you! even though I'm not GF anymore I'd totally order the reuben on fries "for health reasons". =]

  3. Haha! Everytime we go there I think about you and the *Rueben Fries for health reasons* One day I'm going to order them like that for nostalgia's sake :) Miss you too!