Friday, June 24, 2011

The Bodice Challenge: Day 22

Blood Pressure: 118/77

Breakfast: Special K and skim milk

Lunch: Tuna Salad wrap (lite on the mayo) with lettuce and onion, no cheese. Side of mixed fruit, a few spoonfuls of 1% cottage cheese

Dinner: Split a fish dinner with Mikey . Half of a breaded fried haddock filet, a little tartar sauce and half of a medium-sized order of french fries...

Evening Snack: Dish of chocolate ice cream, my LAST until I go to Lake George a week from tomorrow (can't wait)

Exercise: About a 10 minute walk this morning, and two 15 minute walks this afternoon, my house to the grocery store and back

Creativity: More productive than creative. Went to my new job today to meet my supervisor and learn more about the position. I will be working in Client Services and Marketing for an ambulance billing company :) Everyone has been extremely nice so far, and this job has something I have never had before: BENEFITS!!!! I CAN GET OFF MEDICAID, WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

On the downside, my poor Michael has suffered a real disappointment today :( He was all accepted and ready to go to Massage School and start classes July 1st, when, due to circumstances completely out of his control, his financial aid was unable to be processed and approved in time for him to start classes in July. His acceptance has been deferred, and he can begin in September or January, so all is not lost, but he has worked very hard to get everything in order on his end and a setback like this is extremely frustrating and upsetting. It's so frustrating when life kicks you when you're already down, but we are going to make the best of it.


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  1. Poor Michael. =[ Does he have any plans in the works for this unexpected extra time? Could be a good opportunity to do volunteer work or get an interesting side job or somesuch?