Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Bodice Challenge Day 2

     Since I want other elements to be incorporated into these next 5 weeks (and beyond) besides diet and exercise, I've decided to rename my personal efforts *The Bodice Challenge* rather than The Bodice *Diet*,  the word diet always conjures images of deprivation for me, and I want my life choices to be about celebration :)
Again, not a bad day. Farmer's Market days are hard because we inevitably come home with delicious baked goods, so rather than completely deprive myself and not have any, I let myself have a reasonable sized portion of them :)

Breakfast: one small cinnamon roll from the Farmer's Market, and one bowl of Rice Chex with Skim Milk
Lunch: MuMu Muesli with plain lowfat yogurt and a bowl of fresh cherries
Dinner: Grilled chicken with boiled salt potatoes(2) and a small slice of butter, salt and pepper, with a side of sugar snap peas sauteed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with salt, pepper and garlic , with three small slices of fresh Italian bread each with a light swipe of butter
Dessert: A few sips of a failed attempt at a smoothie. The smoothie had Ovaltine, skim milk, ice and fat free caramel yogurt in it. The caramel yogurt gave the smoothie a *chemical* sweet taste, so next time I'll just use plain yogurt.....

The only beverage I consumed today was water.

Exercise: 1. Helped to open the pool today which entailed carrying things up from the basement, dragging things into the backyard from the garage, lifting off the cover and skimming the pool.
 2. Walked to Wegmans, 12 minutes each way, for a total of 24 minutes, with an honorary minute spent walking around the store for 25 minutes :)

Blood Pressure: 124/81, pulse 86 (I didn't find my blood pressure cuff until the evening, but I'll try to record a morning reading tomorrow) 

Creativity: Sitting down with some new food magazines and planning some future food blog posts :)

I'm getting in the swing, excited for tomorrow :)


  1. Feel free to check out for smoothie recipes, we have some great ones. I am all about the smoothies, drinking 3-4 a day now. I highly encourage some superfoods in your food plan as well, they are great metabolism and overall health boosters. =)

  2. Hehe, I LOVE you Pookie. SO bad. =]

    Though, on his note: I'm a total vanilla whey protein powder convert now. It makes smoothies SO fluffy and creamy. I've successfully made 16oz smoothies that have less than 300 calories and taste like a milkshake. Nomness!