Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bodice Challenge: Day 11

 Was a twinge more indulgent than I meant to be today.....

Blood Pressure: 111/83

Breakfast: Cinnamon Chex with Skim Milk

Lunch: 5 dolmades with a little tzatziki and half of a Za'tar pita

Afternoon Snack: Okay, full disclosure of a few moments of weakness this afternoon. I was putting some stuff away in the downstairs freezer, when I came across two boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies :) I ordered the cookies back in March and stuck them in there because Lent was starting and my mother had given up cookies and other such baked goods and I didn't want to be disrespectful of her efforts. If I have to explain the siren call of Thin Mint cookies, I honestly don't know what's wrong with you......anyway, I had about six cookies, and the serving size is four, so I had 1.5 servings. Also, last night, my mother made a cinnamon coffee cake to bring to her quilt guild meeting tonight. She decided not to go, so we had a coffee cake on our hands. We each had a small slice.

Dinner: 5 dolmades, a dollop of tzatziki, and a bowl of fresh raspberries

Evening Snack: Went out for ice cream after rehearsal. Had a small chocolate peanut butter milkshake.

Creatvity: Planning my next food blog post and rehearsing for Two Gentleman of Verona

Exercise: Nothing formal, but lot of walking as today was full of errands. I tried to park far away from the places I was going to so I could get more walking in :)

Tomorrow's another day :)

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