Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7th: Haiku Monday

Hey Ho,

    Normally I'd put my Monday Haiku up on FB directly, but I think I'll put it here instead for my Monday entry :)

So many choices.
What will my Summer look like?
How will I decide?

   Simply put, there are four shows, well, three shows and one workshop that are all happening in June and July of 2013 that I want to be involved in. Two of them pay, one of them is volunteer, and the workshop I would have to pay to attend. They all have pros and cons, and I want to do them all. The auditions for one are this week, the auditions for the other two are in March, and registration just opened for the workshop. Two of these run through my family's annual vacation to the Adirondacks, that I have never missed in my entire life. Two of them would probably require a leave of absence from my day job, and I've also been considering going back to school this fall. That, and, as much as I really want to be involved in all of these performances and workshops, I am also very, very tired and could really use a break. All of last year was performing and preparing for our wedding. As soon as we got back from our Mini-Moon, we went into rehearsal for our next show. As soon as our most recent show closed, the Holiday Season had started, which I truly, truly love, but it is certainly busy. I'm already back in rehearsals for my next show with the Shakespeare Festival which goes up mid-February, plus starting rehearsal for the Rep Company. So, in reality, it's only the second week of January, but I'm already booked solid until basically March. I'm tired just thinking about it. Feeling really overwhelmed and indecisive today. I want to do all three of the shows, and I want to attend the workshop, and it is literally impossible to do them all. However, there is also a part of me that wants to take a step back and just relax for a little while too, take some me time, take a yoga class, a painting class, something. I don't know what to do, I really don't. Hmmmmmmm.

Hope your day is less confusing than mine!

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