Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4th: List Friday

Hey There :)

   Who doesn't love a good list? I'm think about making Fridays "List Days" because lists are fun and it's good to have a format to fall back on. So here, we go, for the debut of "List Fridays":

10 Things I Would Like to Get Better at Doing

(These are all things I do occasionally/am adequately skilled at/have dabbled in a little, but that I would like to be better at)

-Knitting and Crocheting: I've knit a few scarves and an afghan, but all I know how to do is cast on stitches, knit, and bind off, I don't know how to purl or knit any fancy patterns or anything like that. Once, years ago, someone taught me a basic crochet chain stitch, but that was all I ever learned how to do, I don't know how to join the stitches or actually make anything. I would like to refine my skills in both of these areas. Anyone want to teach me?

-Dancing: I took Ballet and Tap in elementary school, I've taken some Swing Dance classes, my grandfather taught me to basics of Ballroom Dance, and I occasionally do English Country Dance with the Shakespeare Festival. So, while I have a little experience in all these areas, I wouldn't say I'm especially skilled at any of them, yet. I would love to learn more.

-Wrapping Gifts: I'm pretty decent at this, but I know people who do such a lovely job of wrapping gifts. Seamless corners, beautiful ribbons or florals or greenery, or if they use gift bags, their tissue paper never comes out crumpled. How do you DO that??? I'd love to learn.

-Gardening: I know how to plant, water and weed and all that, but planning beautifully landscaped gardens? Planting gardens arranged by peak growing times? A fully fleshed-out herb garden for the kitchen and for medicinal herbs? It's a little beyond me. Hopefully by this Spring I might have a porch/balcony/ yard that I can plant and play in :)

-Outfit Shopping/Planning: My clothes are clean, in good repair and they fit well, but, for the most part, they are BORING. I don't own enough statement pieces and my clothes, by and large, are pretty neutral and fall into the *Office Casual* range, and aren't necessarily representative of my personality. Is this a huge crisis? No, but I would like my wardrobe to be more personalized.

-Foreign Languages: I took Spanish all through High School and it came in VERY handy when I taught ESL. My listening skills in Spanish are excellent, but my speech is only so-so. Same goes for Italian. My family is largely Italian, I understand Italian pretty well, but I don't speak it very well. I am fascinated by American Sign Language, and I know some basic signs, but I would love to learn more.

-Stage Combat: I've worked on a number of shows where stage combat was necessary so I have a lot of "on the job" training on a show by show basis, but I would love to take an extended workshop wherein the many forms of Stage Combat were the primary focus.

-Canning and Preserving: I know how to can tomatoes, tomato sauce, applesauce, pickles and peach butter, but that's it, I'd love to expand my repertoire from there ;)

-Sewing/Quilting: I've made several small quilts and lots of costumes (skirts, chemises, etc), but I would love to make full-size quilts and sew well enough to make other kinds of clothing.

-Traveling: Although I've traveled quite a bit, I'd love to be that traveler who always knows the best deals, the most interesting spots to visit, how to hang out with the locals and avoid the Tourist Traps, etc.

And A Bonus: Cleaning My House: I tend to do an overhaul cleaning once a  week or so, with touch-ups every few days. I would love to be one of those people who has always seems to have a clean house or is on the ball enough to just clean lightly every day so that it never gets out of hand. Those people exist, right? I have to say, those of you that are homeowners, I do not know know how you do it. We live in a one-bedroom apartment and we can barely keep up.

Have a great weekend!

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