Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31st: Month Review

So, how did I do this month with my various goals? Not too bad! Overall I am very pleased :)

To Review, these were the Goals for 2013 that I set up for myself:

Everyday I would:

-Make a good food choice
-Stop hitting snooze and train myself to wake up without an alarm clock
-Do something every day that will bring me toward my ultimate career goals

Everything did not go perfectly well every day, but I did make a concerted effort at everything, here's how it shook down in January 2013:

-Blogging: Blogging with no specific theme or subject in mind is hard. I've done plenty of challenges before that were a month or a few months long where you blog every day around a certain topic or theme or whatever, and those have been much easier because you have a starting point for your content. Blogging every day about whatever comes into your head is a challenge, not because I don't enjoy blogging, because I do, but because sometimes nothing really happened on a certain day that is what I would consider blog material, etc. But, between this blog and my food blog, I still managed to post 24 out of 31 days, and I'm extremely proud of that, and I definitely enjoyed it :) So, I am going to continue this goal, because blogging is a skill I want to improve upon and strengthen, but I'm altering the goal slightly by saying that I'm going to aim for at least one food blog post per week, and I'll be blogging here as frequently as possible, but I'm not going to chain myself to every day, it's probably gonna be more like a few times per week, which is a good baseline to aim for, I think :)

-Move: The biggest change I've made in this area is stretching more. I take regular stretch breaks at my day job and will often do some stretches if I have a few minutes to myself. In terms of cardio, it's up and down, some days are more active than others, but I'm making an effort and that's all that matters. As soon as my current show closes I'm going to make time for a Yoga Class :)

-Meditate: I don't always do this at the same time every day, but I've been taking a few minutes every to just breathe and be present. It's been wonderful.

-Make a good food choice: Mike and I now have a juicer, and I've been incorporating fresh fruit and veggie juice pretty much every day. I've lost about 2lbs, so, not much, but it's a start.

-Stop hitting Snooze/Wean myself off of my Alarm Clock: This has been, by far, the hardest thing to work on, which boggles my mind, because I honestly thought it would be the easiest. My body is pretty abused in this area. I tried going cold turkey with no alarm clock, no good. I would wake up at my normal time and then promptly go back to sleep, apparently I'm that sleep-starved. After two weeks of going into work about two hours later than I normally do (and, therefore, getting out two hours later, which I hate),  I nixed that. I normally use the alarm clock on my cell phone, which charges on the night stand next to me, I tried just telling myself that I wasn't allowed to hit snooze anymore, and that didn't work either because the alarm on my cell phone will just hit snooze itself if you don't do it. Then I remembered that the clock radio in our room also has an alarm clock, but it's an older model, so if you don't hit snooze the alarm will just keep going off ad infinitum until you turn it off. And, bonus, it's out of arm's reach, so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. I've been using the clock radio alarm since Monday and only hit snooze once, so I'm moving in a good direction, anyway. I have 11 more months to kick the alarm clock habit, but for the time being, I'm concentrating on the *No More Hitting Snooze* portion of this goal.

-Daily Step Towards Career Goals: Learned some new audition material, went to an audition and got cast (and it's a paid gig! Yay!) and sent out a TON of e-mails to local colleges about possible Theatre Education Certification. Unfortunately, around here, it's mostly English Certification, which isn't exactly what I want. All the Theatre Ed/MFA schools are a little farther away, but, I'm still working on it and I'm very optimisitc.

Did you set any 2013 Goals? How are they going?


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