Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2nd: What the Tea Told Me

Hey Ho :)

 One day down, 364 to go :) Still with me? Good :)

   Yesterday went quite well. Posted about my goals, meditated, made a good food choice, etc. But what I want to talk about today is Tea Leaves :)

   Yesterday morning, one of my dearest friends Stephanie joined another dear friend Jen and I at my home for New Year's breakfast. We ate cookies and pomegranate seeds and drank tea :) When the tea had been consumed, Stephanie read our tea leaves, to see what the new year held for us :)

   For those unfamiliar with Tasseography, it is the art of divination by interpreting the patterns left in cups by tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments. I am an adequate reader, but Stephanie has a real skill for it. Once you have a knack for seeing them, the images are quite clear and unmistakable. I realize that Divination is a touchy subject, some believe in it deeply, others see it as merely something fun but not to be taken terribly seriously, and others are quick to refute and scoff. I am posting about my reading solely because I found the results interesting; this post is not necessarily meant to be a comment on the art form of Divination, one way or the other. I am not opposed to debate, but please be aware than any disrespectful, inflammatory or cruel comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately.

  Among the images in tea cup, these were the ones that made the biggest impression on me:

- A seahorse

- A snake with it's tongue sticking out

- A plumed bird that looked like a quail

- A woman sitting cross-legged wearing what looked like African tribal robes

- An island shaped the way Neverland is usually depicted in children's books

I did some research on some of the images and what they might mean:

Seahorse: Symbolic of Neptune/Poseidon, strength, power, patience, perception and protection. Ancient Europeans believed that the the seahorse carried the souls of sailors to the underworld, providing them protection and safe passage until their souls were safely on the other side.

Snake: Can be interpreted many ways, often representing a duality. Fertility and Rebirth or the Life Cycle, but also vengefulness and/or the presence of enemy. Knowledge that could be used for good or bad.

Quail: Symbolic of a Contrite Spirit, Communal Love, and Higher Consciousness. Also representative of Apollo, Artemis, and their mother, Leto, who has turned into a Quail by Hera.

Pretty Cool, Huh?

The woman and the island that looked like Neverland were a bit too general to research, so I am excited to see what they may end up representing ;)

Ever dabbled in Tasseography? What did you think of it? See you tomorrow :)



  1. Yes. I have and here's a blog about Wax Divination I wrote which has a lot of symbols in it too

  2. Lynn, glad you had fun and enjoyed some time with your friends to begin the new year. If you're serious about writing, hard work and great writing will get you where you want to be. I wish you the best of success in 2012. Cheers.