Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10th: Cross One Off The List :)

Morning Sunshines :)

    Slightly less crazy day today, so I can actually take a few minutes more to write a post :) May I draw your attention to the lower right corner of this blog, and to my *Things I Want to Do* List? Just yesterday, I completed #23. Participate in a Flash Mob :) It may have been on a small scale, but it still counts :)

     The past few days I have been co-teaching a mini-course at a local community college for Gifted and Talented 5th-8th Graders. We get four hours with each group (spread over two days). Our mini-course is entitled *Flash Mob Shakespeare*. For this course, we taught the kids some acting basics, taught and blocked a short Shakespeare scene (in this case it was the Prologue/Dumb Show from *A Midsummer Night's Dream*) and then the kids devised ways for them to make the scene into a Flash Mob :) We ambushed two other classrooms (the teachers knew it was coming, but the students didn't), gave the other classes silly hats to wear, and then incorporated them into the scenes by teaching them dance moves and cheers and holding up signs showing different sounds to make (roaring, etc).  I wish I had photo or video of this, but I don't,as my co- teacher and I were the ones orchestrating, we didn't have our cameras with us. Some of the other teachers may have some pictures though, so I will try to get some posted here eventually :)

   So, in short, that's where I've been the last few days :) Flash-mobbing Shakespeare :)

Love. My. Job.


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