Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for *Acquaintance*

Hi Friends!

Welcome to my first post for The A-Z Blogging Challenge!!! I'm really hoping that joining this challenge will lead me to some great new blogs and hopefully lead some new people to my little blog. So, on the idea that there may be some new people poking around, here are a few Random Facts about me that will help us get Acquainted :)

So, without further ado (yay! another *A* word!)

Lynn in Ten Random Facts:

- The first musical I ever saw was Peter Pan when I was about four years old.

- In the years I spent as a Nanny/ Daycare Teacher, I stopped four children from choking.

- My favorite category of Dessert is Ice Cream, and within that category, my two favorite desserts are Gelato and Chocolate Ice Cream Sodas.

- I spoke in full sentences at 13 months and I could read before I turned three years old.

- I am deathly afraid of roller-coasters and other amusement park rides of that type, the ones that use sharp turns, sudden drops, etc.

- There are eight books that never leave my nightstand (as in, they never make it back onto the shelf because I read them so much): *The Complete Works of William Shakespeare*, *The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales*, *The Six Wives of Henry VIII* by Alison Weir, *The Historian* by Elizabeth Kostova, *The Essential Shakespeare Handbook* by Leslie Dunton Downer and Alan Riding, *To Kill a Mockingbird* by Harper Lee, *Green Chic* by Christie Matheson and *French Women Don't Get Fat* by Mireille Guiliano.

- I read cookbooks like novels, there is always a stack of them at my bedside (and several bookshelves worth, too!).

- I love to wear corsets and I feel much more comfortable and beautiful in period costumes/garb than I have ever felt in modern day dress.

- I could live on crusty bread, artisanal cheese and fresh fruit ;)

- Some of my favorite sounds are Moving Water (waves, streams, waterfalls, rain, etc), Wind through Leaves, Crackling Fire, Gentle Whispers and the Sound of Bells (Wind Chimes, Church Bells, etc).

So, that's me, the Appetizer course :) Stick around for the next 26 days and you'll learn more, and in alphabetical order ;)


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  1. Hi, fellow A to Z'er! I am trying to visit blogs today to see what everyone else is up to on day one. I love your post today! I'm a huge ice cream fan, too. :) I love your 30 things to accomplish before you turn 30! I'm following your blog, so good luck over the rest of the month. :) I'll be back to check out B tomorrow, I hope you'll come check my blog out, as well!