Monday, April 9, 2012

G and H are for *Good Heavens!*

Sometimes life goes by a little too fast for me to blog:

   Deepest apologies for missing Saturday's entry, I was baby-sitting until after midnight and unable to get online. So, I am combining Saturday's *G* entry with tonight's *H* entry.

   Good Heavens, but life is awfully......mind-boggling....awesomely so.....

    Today, I had jury duty. The last time that this happened was 8 years ago, in 2004. During the copious amounts of downtime in between selection processes, I couldn't help but think about how different my life is now and all the changes that have taken place in these eight intervening years.

   In September of 2004, I was 21. I was single (fairly newly so), had graduated that May,and I was living in Rochester, NY, (but still legally residing in Syracuse, hence the Onondaga County Jury Summons).I was working primarily for a Rochester-based children's theatre, but was also working at Panera Bread Company to fill in the income gaps. I shared a house with a friend in the South Wedge Neighborhood of Rochester, a few blocks up from Highland Park. I drove a bitchy, temperamental Dodge Neon and was nursing a crush on a gentleman who, though we were certainly good friends, I had convinced myself didn't have the time of day for me romantically. This, however, was not the case, as I would find out in a few months.....My goal at the time was to build up my savings and my resume and move to New York City as soon as possible.

   Fast forward 8 years:

   I stayed in Rochester for five more years after that. During those years, I taught English as a Second Language, was a Nanny, went to Graduate School, got a Master's in Children's Theatre, worked for several excellent theatres, made many wonderful friends, lost a few of them, (though found some of them again) had several health scares, was in a very serious, committed relationship for five years, and grew in a multitude of ways that really can't be described in a blog post. After finishing my Master's , I moved home in August of 2009, ostensibly to rebuild my finances and regroup for life's next challenge.

   I have yet to make it to New York City, I mean, I've been there many times to visit, but I don't live there, yet, for a variety of reasons ranging from Grad School to lack of funds to the Recession to the ebb and flow of romantic relationships to my basically constant tendency to put everything I want on hold so that the needs and wants of others can be met first. It's still on the list. We'll see how the next year or two go....

   I still live in Syracuse, I am engaged to an indescribably wonderful man whom I adore and that I hope one day to deserve. We have a cozy apartment in a Syracuse suburb. I am an Actor and Teaching Artist for The Syracuse Shakespeare Festival and have also recently been voted onto their Production Board. I still need a *day job* to fill in the cracks, but this day job pays well, offers me very good health insurance and flex time, and is full of wonderful people, and I'm very grateful for it.

   I am getting married in about five and half months. I will turn 30 this year. Virtually everyone I know in my age bracket is getting married, having children, buying a house, and moving from menial side-jobs into careers. I am at-once the same person I always was and completely different. My world is changing, bigger and bigger changes that come at an ever increasing speed. It's not that I mind, exactly, I like Change, the world only spins forward and all that..... all just kind of hit me today........

  Not sure how to end this post. Sometimes you're just too stunned by life to be coherent, and that's about all I've got for tonight.

'Night, All :)


  1. It's good to be thankful. You have done so much!You should be proud and the Gods have lined things up for you, for you have also made these things priorities.

    and I think that you, Lorie and I should go to the Cloisters in NYC :)

  2. First off: WELL PLAYED combining G and H. Best A-Z post title ever!

    Secondly: Excellent post and I think you concluded it perfectly. I'm so happy for you and Michael and though I know you're being modest when you said you "hope one day to deserve" him, it couldn't hurt to throw out a little reminder that YOU are an incredibly beautiful person and he's very blessed to have earned YOU.

    love love love love love!

  3. Awwww, *blush!* Thanks, Babe, love you too!!!