Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for *Effort*

Gonna sneak this short post in right under the wire!

  Today ended my loosely timed around Lent wheat-fast. Though not exactly for religious reasons (more like a self-discipline exercise), I timed the fast around Lent to help me focus. Here's how it fell out:

  -For the first three weeks of Lent, I did a full cold-turkey wheat-free fast, and, while it was occasionally a logistical pain in the ass, I did not suffer emotionally from it. I was fine without wheat. I missed it, but did not suffer in it's absence.

  -Around the three week mark, I started getting more headaches, mood swings and energy crashes. Around that time I also joined Weight Watchers, and juggling points and avoiding wheat and dealing with the above mentioned side-effects got to be too much, so I modified the fast to accommodate one serving of wheat per day, and did pretty well with that.

  So, not the exact results I was hoping for, but I did my very best and I'm pleased with the effort I made.

  And now, off to bed!



  1. Interesting. I think I know what you mean about logistics. I gave up meat and dairy for Lent last year, and planning a meal without those two things is a real pain. I can't imagine going without wheat, so good for you. Good luck.

  2. Cool!-- You used some of the same words I've used so far (or will be using): Effort, focus, and juggling. I congratulate your efforts.

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    Tossing It Out