Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for *Dolmas*

                          These little babies are, hands down, one of my very favorite foods :)

   Cool, creamy, tangy, dense but oddly refreshing, herbaceous, just little bit odd and exotic, and SO ADDICTIVE!!!!

  I am forever indebted to my friend Joey who introduced me to these during undergrad. I devour Dolmas with absolute abandon, and crave them at basically any moment of any day ;)

   Here's a recipe for Dolmas from Budget Bytes

   And another from Ellie Says Opa ( the recipe is at the bottom, scroll all the way down)

   And here's one more from The Kitchn

   If you live in the Rochester area, head out to Brockport, NY to Mythos Cafe for some of the best Dolmas (and Gyro!) I've ever had!!!

   In the CNY area? Hit up King Davids, Byblos or The Black Olive for more Dolma Deliciousness :)

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. What a coincidence, I live in a small town in remote place (that usually means no culinary diversity) but we just got a new Mediteranian restaurant in town that we had to check out last Saturday and we had these as an appetizer. Good stuff!