Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nudges from the Universe, Addendums, and Goal #4

Happy New Year, My Darlings!!!

    I had wanted to post before this, but I was struck down with The Plague (aka, the worst sinus infection I've had in ages), which rendered me basically useless for the first part of this week. My doctor put me on antibiotics, and just now today I am starting to feel significantly better. There's been a little 2011 Goals progress,  Here's an update:

Goal #1: (Savings) The count stands at $107.04, but I get paid tomorrow, so there'll be a little more in there soon. Also, in other financial news, I have made a decision to stop carrying my Visa card in my wallet until I get it paid off. I should really be saving it for emergencies, plane tickets, big purchases, etc. So, out of the wallet it goes until further notice. Will this suck? Probably, but it's for my own good.

Goal #3: (Weight Loss) I weighed myself Monday morning. And, I don't mind telling you, it wasn't pleasant. I could piss and moan, but I'm not going to. Cards on the table, here we go. I am 5'2 (really 5'1 and 3/4, but let's not split hairs), and Monday morning I weighed 162.4lbs and according to my scale I was 36% Body Fat. By the end of this year, this will have changed. As I've said, I haven't been feeling well this week, so I haven't had much of an appetite (though I'm certainly not starving myself). I haven't really been snacking, and the holiday goodies have finally been consumed, so the sugary treats are out of my immediate path. So, yesterday, just for the heck of it, I weighed myself again, and I was down to 161.2lbs, which gave me a nice little boost of confidence. I'm going to a Zumba class tomorrow with a friend. The updates will continue :)

And here's another goal for 2011:)

2011 Goal #4: Use/Manage My Time More Effectively

This goal is pretty self-explanatory. I know there are plenty of things that I put off way too long, which just leaves me feeling rushed and stressed when it comes down to the wire. Example: If I either A) made my lunch the night before and/or B) got up a little earlier in the morning, I wouldn't be so pressed for time before I left for work. Actually, that's a good place to start, I don't want to put too fine of a point on this, because it's more of a general goal, but everything starts somewhere. I'll try to start making my lunch the night before, and going to bed/waking up earlier.

 And now, the fun stuff :)

  I am a great believer in Signs ( omens, nudges from the Universe, whatever you wish to call them) I am also a great believer in the ideal that everything happens for a reason. Two things have happened to me since Christmas that have really stuck with me, and I would like to share them here, any/all feedback would be welcome:)

 - I am great believer in all things Spiritual, Magical, Mystical and *unseen*. Such as Angels, Faeries, Elves, Sprites, Ghosts, Miracles, Visions, Fate, and on and from there. I call them *unseen*, because all of these things/ideals and a host of others are absolutely real to me, but I realize that my experiences may be wholly unlike the experiences of others. The blog of a kindred spirit who has recently started to reconnect with the *unseen* and The Faery Folk has made me lament how little room I've had for all these things in my own life of late. Not that I ever stopped believing, but the frantic pace of a busy life crowded it all out, somewhat. And then, for Christmas, out of the blue and with absolutely no hints from me, my boyfriend bought me a small porcelain Faery as a Christmas gift. She is a sweet wee thing, with brown pigtails and blue eyes, holding a baby bottle that is almost as big as she is ( he got it for me because I care for infants every day at the daycare center:). There is apparently an entire collection of these Kitchen Faeries, as they are called :) I was very struck by the timing of this gift. A reminder from the little people to let the Magic back in, and I shall :)

- I love to sing. I sing every day. All through middle school and high school I was always in Choir, Show Choir, All-County Chorus, All-State and so on. Since college, however, though absolutely not on purpose, I have been concentrating more on straight plays than musicals. My love for singing never diminished, but it just became more of something I did for fun, not necessarily a career focus. However, the last few performances I have been involved in have asked me to sing, which I did, and the amount of compliments I received was shocking, and extremely flattering. But, anyway, to the point: Monday morning I pulled a book down from a high shelf in my bedroom ( for whatever it's worth, the book I was retrieving was my Complete Collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales that I intended to bring to my Faery Tale Book Club Meeting that night,which I, sadly, became too sick to attend). As I was pulling the book down, a small metal object fell off the top of the book and down onto the shelf. I picked it up and it was a small silver pin in the shape of the Treble Clef Symbol (the one that looks like a cursive "S" with a swirl in the middle).
    Now, I am the one who placed those books on the shelf when I came home in 2009. The pin belongs to me, but I haven't seen it in years and certainly didn't put it there myself. My only explanation is that it was put there so I would find it to remind me to let music and singing back into my life in a bigger way, not just as a hobby. Point taken, Universe, point taken indeed :)

Watch for the Everyday Miracles, My Friends :)



  1. Perhaps you should create some songs about the faeries? It might be a nice way to combine the two signs and make some money on the side by performing...just a thought, cousin.

  2. To the first part: You and I weigh about the same, pumpkin. I gained weight after getting married, and while I am not unhealthy, I am unhappy with how I feel about myself. So I started going to the gym. It sucks because it's not easy, but it's a good thing in two ways: weight that I don't need goes away, and my body becomes healthier. I tell you this because I want you to know that I'm right there with you, and maybe we can motivate each other to keep it up when it gets hard :)

    To the second: I believe in signs and things, too. Having little boys has reawakened the Underpants Gnome :P
    I think that putting music back in your life is wonderful. Have you thought of trying to learn how to play an instrument? I bet Michael would love to teach you how to play the piano if you don't already know :) making music with your own two hands is unlike anything else!

    I love you :)

  3. Awesome post! The other day I was doing something dull and innocuous like dishes or showering when this thought hit me like a brick: "You need to make Thursdays computer-free. Thursdays are for reading, painting, going for walks, and doing other soul-nourishing things." Point taken, Mental Advice Brick, point taken. A lot of people grow up and let go of the joyous things in their lives. I feel like our generation is a little better about holding onto them. =]

    Let me know how Zumba is! I absolutely suck hard at dancing but if it's fun and doesn't involve too much coordination I might try it out.

  4. NA: I would love if if we could work on this together :)

    Nubby: My first Zumba class is tonight, I'll let you know how it goes :)

    Theresa: That's an idea, I might just do that :)