Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be My Own Paper Doll

Hello Hello!

   Last night, my dear friend and fellow Blogger Nubby posted what I hope is the first of many Paper Dolls for Grownups entries in her blog, and I was honored to be her first subject. In short, she offered her insights into the types of clothing she would choose for me, sort of like a long distance game of dress-up. Nubby has a fantastic eye for style, a wonderful mix of accessible, eclectic, artistic, classy, and FUN.

  I was thrilled and very touched to see Nubby's thoughts about my personality and how she thought my Lynn-ish-ness would be reflected through clothing, and she was SPOT ON. However, it got me to thinking: How long has it been since I went out shopping for clothes just for fun, thrifted or new? When was the last time I went through my closet and put together a great outfit? With the exception of Sterling, where dressing is always a conscious process and a pleasure, when was the last time I played dress-up for no other reason than expressing my creativity and putting together outfits that I love and show my personality? I mean, I had a lovely time trying on and selecting a bridesmaid's dress for Steph's wedding, but when was the last time I had fun with everyday clothes? I honestly can't remember.

 The usually suspects are at least partly to blame here. Being, of course, lack of time and money.  Part of it also has to do with being in a style rut, which, though I certainly didn't do it on purpose, I must admit, I have allowed myself to fall into. My day job is in a daycare center. I wear a YMCA staff shirt with lounge pants or jeans. Minimal jewelry so the kidlings don't pull it off/out, hair in a ponytail or loose bun so the babies don't get fistfuls of it, and no makeup. Actually,to be fair, the no makeup isn't a YMCA policy, I could wear it if I wanted to, I just can't be bothered with it in the morning. I'm not much of makeup girl. I mean, I have nothing against it, it's just sort of off my radar. I wear makeup onstage and for special occasions, but it's not really an everyday thing for me. I am, however, extremely diligent in taking care of my skin.
  Even when I'm not at work though, I feel like my style has drifted into a kind of ho-hum comfort zone. Don't mistake me, I like to look good. My clothes are clean, in good repair, and they fit well. One thing I'll say for myself, I don't try to hide my body in oversized baggy clothes. For the most part, I dress to my shape, accentuating what I like and minimizing the bits that I'm less enamoured with. But upon inspection/introspection of my wardrobe, I realize that I tend to wear the same sorts of things over and over. Lots of solid colors, lots of neutrals, very few patterns, similar cuts, similar outfit themes, etc. Not a lot of risks, very few statements pieces, not many things that show off my personality. Somewhere along the line, I fell into a *good enough* routine with my clothes. As in, I look *fine* and don't care to expend the energy necessary to go beyond that. And I want that to change. Starting today.

 Getting dressed can be fun, if you let it. It's an opportunity to express yourself. I don't care what size you are, there are always going to be ways to make clothing and accessories fun. I want to let that fun back in. There's really not much that can be done for my *work* wardrobe. However, that being said, I want to put a lot more effort into my personal style. I want to experiment, take risks, express myself, etc. I will be my own Paper Doll :) I will try and update on it periodically here, maybe put up some outfit photos, if anyone cares to see them. Thank you, Nubby for inspiring me :)

In other news: As of this past Monday, I weighed 159.4lbs. Which means I've lost three poounds, and I've already past the minimum goal for this month, wheee!!! And, both as a weight-loss motivator and a tie-in to the above, I've decided that, for every 5lbs I lose, I get a non-food reward. A new article of clothing, a spa treatment, you know, things like that.

Random Home Remedy: Last week, while still in the throes of that devilish sinus infection, I drew myself a hot bath and put in about ten or fifteen drops of peppermint oil, in the hopes that it would clear out my sinuses. It did that and more. The peppermint oil in the water was so incredibly cooling and refreshing, it actually made my skin tingle in the bathtub.  When I climbed out, I could still feel the coolness on my skin, so I waved the towel around myself to create a little bit of a breeze, sooooooooo refreshing!!! Like ice water on a hot day. This would feel great in the dog days of summer, after a workout, if you were feeling overheated/feverish, for headaches, etc. I was first introduced to peppermint oil as a cooling agent this past summer at Sterling. A few drops on your temples/pulse points will cool you wonderfully. So yeah, just thought I'd pass that along. Peppermint Oil is your friend, and they carry it at Wegmans :)

Love Ya'll :)


  1. I feel like some kind of cool inspiration-person, lol! I would LOVE to see some of you outfit shots and I plan to post some of my own, too. Possibly my favorite thing about the style blogging community that just about everyone is warm, accepting, and kind. It's SO rare to find an unkind comment on a style blog. Most authors don't even need to moderate! If you're worried about rude strangers stumbling on your piece of the internet, just know they're a rare breed.

    - LOVE the peppermint summer bath idea.
    - High five on meeting your weight goal!
    - You are like THE NICEST with all your compliments!!! *hug!*

  2. Keep up the great work Lynn! I personally LOVE non food rewards. Enjoy every single accomplishment!

  3. YAY!!! Good for you baby!!
    And I'm in the sam rut clothes-wise. All I wear is black and jeans, and maybe a few deep gem colored turtlenecks.

  4. You got an amazing orange shirt before we went to Orlando. It looked really great on you! I also feel like I am not excited to get dressed each day because I don't like the way that I look, and my job doesn't exactly encourage style. I am going to work on this with you. I think a trip to the mall is in order!

  5. @ Steph: I would loooove a mall trip :)

  6. Amazing, well done! And thank-you so much for the clever tip on peppermint oil!