Sunday, December 30, 2012


     If you tuned in yesterday, I was talking about a list of things that I am leaving behind. I took that list of negatives and made it into a list of positive affirmations. I have been reading the list and repeating these affirmations to myself every day. These are separate from my 2013 Goals that I will post about on New Year's Day, but very much a vital part of what I want for myself in the coming year and beyond. Like I said yesterday, to further make plain my intention, I am posting them here :)

I am Evolving. These are my Affirmations:

-I will not spend time with negatvie people

-I will not let the negativity of others hurt me

-I will not be limited by the limitations other people place on themselves

-I will not let anyone steal my Bliss. I will Rise Above.

-I will put myself first more often

-I will make time for myself

-I will pursue my Dreams

-I will be Brave

-I will give my body the sleep, rest, exercise, nourishing food and creative and spiritual fulfillment it needs and deserves

-I will focus on my strengths and try to improve my weaknesses

-I will stand up for myself

-I will be aware and appreciative of my strengths, talents and spiritual gifts

-I will use my time productively

-I will not lose my compassion, but I will not hold onto the sufferings of others. I will learn to let them pass though me.

I Will.


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