Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Technical Difficulties

  Two of my dear friends who were kept away from blogging lately due to various life interference  have posted an *I'm Still Here!!! Gonna do my best to get back into Blogging!* type post today. So, I decided to make it a hat trick and do one of my own.You may have noticed my disappearance from both this blog and my food blog:

Let me tell you a story:

  Back in January of this year, my fiance and I moved into an apartment together (yay!) We each brought with us a laptop. Less than a month after moving in together, both of our laptops were dead (I ranted about this a few months ago). My laptop (which was secondhand when I got it and, if I'm honest, never worked perfectly to begin with) got caught in a system repair loop and eventually froze up completely. Within days of that, Michael tripped and fell while carrying his laptop and it literally broke in half. He managed to put it back together, but the computer no longer recognized itself, so that one was basically a doorstop too. So, we were computerless for awhile, and, with no home Internet and no free time, I was not able to blog with any frequency.

  In late February, our very generous brother and sister-in-law loaned us their old laptop, and we were back online :) We were still ridiculously busy and I had very little computer time, but I did manage to participate in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge here on this blog and put up a food blog post or two. Then, in mid/late May, the fun started again. One day for no reason at all, the laptop would not turn on. It had been working perfectly the night before. Mikey fiddled with it and managed to get it to turn back on, and for a few days everything seemed fine. The the screen started to malfunction, and, one morning we got up and, again, the laptop would not turn on. For a few days it did not work at all. Then, randomly, it turned itself back on, but it had uninstalled its operating system. We managed to reinstall the operating system, but later that same day, the computer froze, shut itself off, and when we turned it back on, it had, once again, uninstalled its operating system (*this happened about four times before we threw in the towel*).

  This past weekend, we brought the laptop back to my bro and sis in-law for troubleshooting, and it was decided that really the only thing that would do much towards fixing the laptop would be a new hard drive. Seeing as how the laptop is about 10 years old, we decided against this. We categorically cannot afford a new computer of any kind right now. So, we're going to tough it out for the summer and hopefully buy a new computer this fall after the wedding. It's only about three more months. (Wow! We're getting married!!! Can't wait!!!)

  Now, in the grand scheme of things, I know that having no home computer is a relatively small problem, especially when we can both get on the Internet at work if we need to do online banking, check e-mails, etc. However, this year so far has been an extreme test of what Michael and I can learn to live without, and no home computer has been has been a BIG portion of that test. We have no computer, no cable (not even basic cable), we do not have smart phones, iPads, Kindles or anything devices of that type. Sometimes it sucks and it's massively inconvenient. Sometimes it's peaceful and awesome.

  So, here we are, at basically the same place we were back in January. Ridiculously busy and no home computer to blog with. But you know what? I really, REALLY miss blogging. There's got to be a way for me to blog fairly regularly even with these stumbling blocks in place. I don't know what it is, but its got to be out there somewhere.....

 In other news, we are healthy and happy (tired, very stressed, but happy and ridiculously in love ;). The wedding planning is coming along, slowly but surely, and we can't wait to get married :) I very much look forward to the day when I can give my blogs the time they deserve, hopefully that day will be sooner rather than later. If anyone has any tips on how to blog despite no computer and no time, please toss them my way, I'd really appreciate them :)

  I will endeavor to update as often as I can, stick with me folks, I'm here, I swear :)


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