Monday, October 31, 2011

Wizard's Duel

Everyone loves a Challenge!!!

This duel is between me and that which stands between me and what I want within myself and out of life :)

Many thanks must be given to my dear friend Merlyn for originating this duel and bringing it to all of us :) To read about the beginnings of the Wizard's Duel in detail and other thoughts and comments from those involved, please go visit Merlyn's Musing's. Her last week or so of postings all concern the Wizard's Duel :)

In brief, this is how the Challenge began
-we described our perfect day
-we reflected on the elements of our perfect day and that brought to light the essence of what makes us happy. Among those elements,we chose a few to work on, some goals to strive for, a journey to take us a few steps farther down the path to Happiness :)
-we brainstormed ways to take steps towards those goals and that happiness in the next 30 days
-we made plans on how to take those steps
-we decided what we leave behind
-we chose our steed
-And today, on Halloween/Samhain, the Earthen New Year's, we begin the Journey :)

The two areas that I most want to work on are Health/Self Love and Creative/Artisitic Fulfillment :)

These are steps I'm going to take towards furthering these goals this month :)

First Leg of the Journey:
Health/Body Image
-Practice good self-care (I’ve been going nonstop for months, and basically taking no time for ME) I can:
-treat myself to a haircut and a massage or some other spa treatment
- take some long, hot baths
-read for pleasure (the script for whatever play I’m currently working on DOESN’T COUNT)
- Drink more tea
-get more sleep
- take my vitamins
-Eat Dinner at HOME
- make more time to cook meals
- eat more veggies and less junk
- no hard and fast restrictions, just be sensible
-aim for at least a little extra physical activity every day
-For curiosity’s sake, I will weigh myself and take my measurements on Oct. 31st or Nov.1st, then I will WALK AWAY from the scale and the measuring tape and not weigh or measure myself until Nov. 30th or December 1st.

Artistic and Creative Fulfillment
-revise my Acting and Teaching Resume’s
-continue with my Syracuse Shakespeare Fest/Rep Company rehearsals/performances
- Cook
- Blog about said Cooking
-get back to my weekly if not daily blogging routine
-possibly audition for a Spring show
-work on at least one crafty project I’ve been meaning to get to
-work on planning our WEDDING!!!

This month, there is no room in my sadlebag for these, so this is what I'm leaving behind:
-Self Doubt
-the phrase "I don't have time to____"
-Lack of Willpower
-Lack of motivation
-the phrase"I'm too tired to____"
-the phrase "I hate how I look"
-the phrase"I don't know where to start"

This morning, true to my original thought above, I weighed myself and took my hip and waist measurements. Now I am WALKING AWAY. I will not weigh or measure myself for the next 30 days. I will be sensible, but I will not deprive myself. I will be sweet and loving and gentle to myself, something I have not been in a long time :)

I'm not exactly sure how I am going to blog about this. I do want to write about it regularly, if not daily, but I'm not sure if I want to just post a laundry list of what I did that day, since I've done challenges like that before, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, I've just done it already.  So, I'll feel it out over the next few days and see how it goes :)

I love adventures :)

Lynn :)

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